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The day I’ve been looking forward to most – Chatuchak Weekend Market!!!

I liked travelling with Angel and cousin. They’re both early birds like me. I think we can do much more in a day if we start it off early! Anyway, I think I had better sleep this time because we adjusted the air conditioner’s temperature and I might have gotten used to the snoring. 😛

Woke up, had breakfast, got the hotel to send us as far as they can in their hotel tuk-tuk (it doesn’t have a proper licence so the hotel only provides tuk-tuk service around the vicinity of the hotel), then walked to the nearest BTS Sky train station.

the bts platform, phaya thai station heading to mo chit station

the bts platform, phaya thai station heading to mo chit station

Looks and feels very much like our LRT station. We got off the last station on that line, which is Mo Chit. The market is just right next to the station. Even before we reached the market there were stalls set up by the side of the road. Everything looked so damn cheap! Price wise, I mean.

regretted not buying a clock here. haggling gone wrong :(

regretted not buying a clock here. haggling gone wrong 😦

These are some of the unique things you can find at Chatuchak Weekend Market, also known as JJ Market to the locals.

in one of the many sections of chatuchak market

in one of the many sections of chatuchak market

so cute!! i bought a cow one :D

so cute!! i bought a cow one 😀

foodstuff at the market

foodstuff at the market

thailand is obsessed with doraemon, seriously... you see this cartoon character everywhere, literally!

thailand is obsessed with doraemon, seriously... you see this cartoon character everywhere, literally!

cute piggy banks... only 100 baht!

cute piggy banks... only 100 baht!

I was a little underwhelmed by Chatuchak. Maybe it was because we didn’t explore the sections I’d prefer to go to thoroughly. However, I did come home with 3 tank tops for myself, a frilly miniskirt (I can even fit miniskirts here – it’s impossible if I shopped in Malaysia!), a pair of flip-flops, cow print bedroom slippers and some other souvenirs.

It was horribly humid and stifling at the market because the place is cramped and crowded. It was even worse outside, the sun was merciless. I got a tan just walking about that day, and we avoided the outside part as much as we could. The toilets are not very nice either, but I suppose I can’t expect much from a place like that.

The worst of all was the food. The stalls looked unhygienic and we didn’t dare to eat food that wasn’t piping hot. The ones we might have gone to were filled with people and the ones without people were serving food that had been out there for a while. We settled for this place we were walking past, even though it didn’t look clean. I wanted to have an omelette, but they don’t serve it even though it’s written on the menu. I chose some noodles and chicken stew, and they served me chicken feet and blood tofu (pig’s blood, apparently). 😕 When it was time to pay, the price is not as what it was stated in the menu. Talk about being ripped off and having the most unappetising meal of our trip!

We left the place about 4 o’clock. Couldn’t take the heat and feet were seriously hurting. Hobbled all the way to the train station and took a taxi back to the hotel. While Angel and cousin took a shower, I watched tv (we had a flat screen tv in our room) and dozed off. They woke up me during dinner time and we decided to have dinner at Platinum Mall which we haven’t visited, so we can continue shopping. (We’re really hopeless shopaholics, aren’t we??)

But to our surprise, the shops were closing when we arrived! It was only 7-ish in the evening. Apparently shops in Thailand close early. This was very strange to us because malls in Malaysia open up to 10pm, and eateries most of the time are open even later than that. So we went out of the mall and contemplated where next to go. Angel and I were keen on returning to Siam Paragon (which we hoped would not be closed so soon, seeing as it is a premier shopping mall and we did recall leaving quite late first night when we went there) when this taxi driver approached us.

He also had a proposition like Khun Shop – he’ll take us to Suan Lum Night Market, which was something Khun Shop told us about when we passed the place the morning of our ‘cultural’ day, for 50 baht only (we recalled it was quite a ride to get there, and that sounds like a bargain!) if we have dinner at this place he wanted to take us to. Apparently he has some customers waiting at this restaurant so he wanted to maximise his trip by taking us there.

We knew he’s getting a commission by doing this and we didn’t mind. He even said specifically that this place is ‘cheap’ and that food at Suan Lum Night Market was ‘expensive’. So of course we were curious what place did he want to bring us to and we agreed in the end.

the place where we had 'cheap' food!

the place where we had 'cheap' food!

He took us to this seafood restaurant that was far from cheap! It is impossible that Suan Lum Night Market’s food would be more expensive than here. A plate of fried rice (I don’t know how big, I must admit) costs 300 baht! It was ridiculous. I had some money left but I didn’t want to spend it so lavishly on a meal as I wanted to get some clothes I saw at some shops we went to yesterday night. Angel’s cousin very generously treated Angel and I because she wanted to eat there. She doesn’t quite take to street food as Angel and I did for our dinner the night before.

tom yum goong - absolutely divine

tom yum goong - absolutely divine

She was right – the food is good. That’s our tom yum goong and my lord, it was absolutely delicious! I think I had three bowls of it. 😛 Slurped every drop of the sour, tangy goodness. To my surprise, though, it isn’t all that spicy. We always hear Thai food are especially spicy.

our one and only real proper thai dinner - which looks very similar to what we could have in a seafood place in malaysia, haha

our one and only real proper thai dinner - which looks very similar to what we could have in a seafood place in malaysia, haha

That was some fried fish with mango, and what they call a ‘morning glory salad’. Delicious too! I drizzled tom yum goong soup all over my rice and tucked in heartily.

After our dinner, we waited for the taxi driver, who promised to take us to Suan Lum after an hour at the restaurant, but he never turned up. We took another taxi back to the hotel and went around Pratunam again to get the clothes I wanted. I bought a black Grecian style top, a grey cardigan and ruby red ballet flats with a slight heel. Now I can click my heels and say three times… 😀

We then went around the night market at Pratunam. Stalls and stalls of clothes and paraphernalia!

Comments on: "Bangkok Day 3: All Resistance Irresistible Whatsoever" (10)

  1. Those clocks! I thought that they were pillows!! 😆
    Very very unique! And what exactly is tom yum goong??

    sulz: haha! tom yum goong is some sort of sour, tangy soup. tom yum is a common flavour – tom yum goong is soup specifically with prawns inside.

  2. cow print flip flops …woohoo !! 😛

    glad ur having so much fun 😀

    sulz: cow print bedroom slipper, actually. 🙂 sigh, i really did!

    • I had rabbit print bedroom slippers 😀 Mine got spoiled… now I am on the look out for another pair.

      sulz: hehe, we are quite alike! 😛 you like rabbits, why?

      • I had a pet rabbit when I was in college. Had to give her up as I was moving from the city.
        So, more like in memories of ‘ Nelly’ (that was her name)

  3. Oh, too bad the food at the weekend market wasn’t good. Blood tofu sounds kind of um….. I’m glad you got to eat at a “proper” restaurant, though, and the food in the pics looks wonderful! Of course you got cow clothing! I like the idea of the red shoes, too. It sounds like the sun is hotter than in Malaysia, is that right?
    Thanks for the pictures!

    sulz: yeah, there wasn’t a proper restaurant at the market. 😦 haha, i had a small bite of it and 😕 yup, the food there was good – hence the pricy price! haha, and cow print bedroom slippers. 😛 i love the red shoes – there’s a bit of a heel to it but it’s more appropriate for office wear than casual. i think the weather in malaysia and thailand is almost the same – just that i was out a lot more in bangkok than i do here!

    there are more to come! 😀

  4. lovelyloey said:

    It just occurred to me that your group is v trusting of cabbies in Bangkok. I’ve heard one too many urban legends (or true stories) of cabbies who drive passengers one way to a far off place, and refuse to bring them back unless they up the price. Or eventually try to con them that it’s one-way fare or something.

    Anyway your shopping list doesn’t seem all too much wad. LOL.

    sulz: yeah, should take more precaution hor? but the tuk-tuk drivers are worse swindlers! next time when we take taxi we won’t accept those who want to take us ‘somewhere’.

  5. Quite a banquet there. I’m going to the Sri Melaka restaurant at 7:00 PM for din-dins with a bunch of friends. I wonder what I should have? Choices, choices…

    sulz: they have sri melaka in aussie?? haha didn’t expect that!

  6. I went there last night with my friends. It was vegetarian (you know, the meat analogue), but it was absolutely delectable! I wish we stayed for dessert; I desperately wanted to sample their take on Cendol.

    sulz: i’m discovering that vegetarian food can actually taste quite delicious despite the lack of meat! those fake meat stuff taste pretty good too. 😀 oh, surely it can’t be as good as the ones they make back home. 😉 speaking of which, will you visit malaysia soon?

  7. I liked this new theme alot 🙂

    sulz: me too! simple and fresh!

  8. thebeadden said:

    Love the new colours on your site, Sulz!
    Chicken Feet? Did you try it? Ewww…pig blood. But the Thai meal looks divine!
    Sorry about the money you are missing. That must have been a blow.
    I’ve been enjoying your trip, thanks!

    sulz: thanks, i like it too! haha no way… it was bad enough i had to see it in my bowl. 😕 yes, that expensive meal had all the right bits of food in it, hehe!

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