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It’s the last day! 😦 Almost broke but I don’t want to go back. Not when I have just plain old boring ghastly work waiting for me. 😐


the 'scenic' view from our hotel room window... i loved staying in that room though

We got up and had breakfast around the same time we always do for the past three days. After that, we walked to the mall we first went to when we arrived in Bangkok – Indra Square. Now we can get the stuff we saw here first but didn’t dare buy in case there were better deals elsewhere in our shopping forages. This time, I saw even more things I wanted to buy. I ended up with a couple more of sexy tops. You know, thank goodness I’m about to quit the corporate world, ‘cos all the new clothes I’ve brought are really not all that appropriate for office!


cloth bags with environmental messages - bought a black one that says 'meltdown' with a picture of a melting globe ice cream


quirky bags that would cost a bomb back home but if i recalled correctly were quite cheap here


some of the fashion of bangkok... not the best picture of it but believe me, it's quite outrageous some of the stuff they sell here

After walking about for a bit, spending the last of our baht, I left Angel and cousin to continue shopping while I went to the Indra Regent Hotel (the hotel adjoins to the mall) lobby to wait for my dear Thai friend, Keo. I have not seen him since he came to Kuala Lumpur and we had Indian food.

I waited for about five minutes and saw him rushing into the lobby like he was in a big hurry. He has grown a moustache, but otherwise looks just like how I remembered him. He told me to come out with him quickly cos he was not allowed to park his car outside the hotel for long. Oh, he has a car! I didn’t know that. How silly of me. 😛

Went into the car, where his girlfriend Renu was waiting. I knew her because she visited him when we were both in Macau last year for our summer course. She looks just the same too. After our greetings, Keo asked me where would I like to go. I told him our flight was that afternoon and we have to reach the airport at lunch time, so maybe just a quick drink at some Thai restaurant nearby?

Apparently Keo and Renu had thought they’d drive me about the whole day to see Bangkok! I certainly didn’t expect them to do so, I just called them the moment I reached Bangkok and told them where we were staying, and if we could meet up before I leave.

Anyway, after Keo and Renu discussed something in Thai, they decided to bring me to this tourist spot nearby. It was a place we passed by in our ‘cultural’ trip with Khun Shop – the former palace of the former king. I didn’t know we could enter it! Khun Shop didn’t tell us that.


the present king - you will see various pictures of the king everywhere in bangkok for he is very loved by the people here

In the former palace of the former king, housed royal arts and crafts made by Thai artisans under an organisation which has the Queen as the patron. The exhibition is called ‘Arts of the Kingdom V’ and features intricate pieces made by artisans for the royal family. From thrones to paintings to fine pieces of decorative art, they were very impressive… and precious of course. I wore pants on that day and because of that, we had to purchase a sarong for me to wrap around. The exhibition does not allow females to enter unless they wore skirts. They had sarongs of all colours and I chose mint green, naturally. 🙂 Sadly, cameras were not allowed into the exhibition so I cannot show you the beautiful things I saw there.


entrance to the 'arts of the kingdom v' xhibition


the former palace of the former king... architecture has european influences because the former king like european architecture

After I completed the exhibition, Keo and Renu took me to a nearby cafe for a drink and chat. I had a quiche lorraine and iced chocolate at Keo’s insistence. My Thai friends really how to make their friends feel welcome. 🙂 While I had my food, Renu took pictures of me chatting with Keo and Keo told me news about his life. Apparently he has just recently tied the knot with Renu – about a fortnight ago! As Renu is a Muslim Keo has now embraced Muslim too.

We got back to the hotel after our snack just in time for me to check out of the hotel with Angel and cousin. While I was gone with Keo and Renu, Angel got some nail art!

nail art

angel's nail art


goodbye citin and pratunam... awesome shopping district


the road down soi 17, where we left citin pratunam

Keo & Renu drove the three of us to the airport as they live a few minutes away there. During the drive there, Keo told us about the situation in Thailand with the Reds, why the people love the king so much and lots more. We were with a tour guide, after all. 😉 Renu is also a tour guide, in fact! They have both travelled the world over.

When we arrived at the airport, I gave Keo a gift I brought from home and hugged Renu. God, she is so lovely… she’s in her early fifties and is the epitome of ‘aging gracefully’. I would be very happy if I could age half as gracefully as her!

Went into the airport, checked in our luggage, stole some fries from Angel, who bought her last pork burger from McD at Indra Square. 😀 Checked in ourselves and on the way to our departure gate stopped every now and then at some duty-free shops. Now that’s a whole other shopping aspect I have yet to explore…


suvarnabhumi airport under dark clouds... they don't want us to leave too!

My trip ended much too soon for me! A very big thank you to Angel and cousin for making the trip so memorable for me. You were both wonderful company! And of course, Keo and Renu made it all the more special. They offered us their place the next time we visit Bangkok, which is an absolute certainty for Angel and I. We have not gotten enough of sweet Bangkok!

The shopping was very fruitful but we have not done many ‘cultural’ things. The next time, I would like to go on an elephant ride, and maybe to a different floating market, and visit the grand palace maybe or a museum, and the zoo which is behind the former palace of the former king. And all the other shopping spots which we have yet to explore! MBK mall, Platinum mall, Khaosan Road, Chinatown… oh gosh, there’s just so many things to do in Bangkok!

Comments on: "Bangkok Day 4 – Going Home Is Totally Resistable!" (7)

  1. i am collectively commenting on all the Bankok posts here.

    it was a great read. felt as if i was there all the time. nice to see alll the places and know about the “shopping culture” of Bankok. 😉

    be it pink taxis, the floating market(which was awesome) your taxi driver, the temples you didn’t care about, the elephant ride (not), those tank tops and bags and the mini skirt, the food you ate at the ‘cheap’ restaurant conned by the driver, you meeting your friends, the nail art, i loved everything. i hope i covered everything imp..!

    i am very happy you had a great time.. 🙂

    sulz: i’m glad you felt that way – i thought i might have bored the readers with too much details! 😳 hehe, i think you recalled more than i did if you ask me to highlight my trip again! oh i totally did… even more than macau, perhaps, because i travelled with one of my closest friends. 🙂

  2. The bags are divine! Those dresses are kind of…um…pretty. I’m so happy to read about your reunion with Keo and Renu. I’m glad you got to see the palace and hear some of the history of the people, too. I always find it much more interesting to travel if I know how the people who live at my destination feel about things. So, can you wear all your new gear at the bookstore? 🙂

    sulz: they were! a little pricy, but it’s not something you can find in any other shop. haha, okay, not the best of bangkok fashion – there are much nicer ones really! yes i am so glad i met with them. at first i was a little anxious, thinking that we might not have anything to say to each other or that my visit was upsetting their schedule.

    oh definitely! 😉 no uniforms at the bookshop, yay. 😀 but if i’m wearing one of my ‘flashier’ outfits (sometimes i get into crazy fashion moods!) i’d get stares for the rest of the day there. -_- not nice, that!

  3. The Next time you go, do the “cultural” thingy too. I would definitely like to know what the city has to offer in that area. 🙂
    And I liked that “nail art”. 😛

    sulz: haha, yes. 😳 next time we would try to go to the grand palace (even though it’s quite expensive!) and take the boat tour down chao phraya river.

  4. I am happy for last u did visit Bangkok and had a great time.

    sulz: yeah, at last! 😀 now on to my next subject of constant mention… singapore!

  5. Hi,
    I’ve come across your blog today and thanks! becoz i’vebeen searching for info on Citin Pratunam hotel. Thx for the information given here.

    May I know where i can buy triumph and wacoal bra’s in bangkok?
    How abt the price range there?

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    sulz: glad to help. you can buy those brands in major shopping malls. i saw them in siam paragon. price range about the same as you might get in your country, i think.

  6. Argh…I thought buying bra’s in Bangkok might be cheaper.
    Feel kinda down… Anyway…Thanks for your help! 🙂

    sulz: clothes are much cheaper here, though. maybe if there is a local bra brand they might be cheap? 🙂 if any luck, they might have a sale then! you’re welcome.

  7. Bangkok is shopping heaven.

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