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Bleak Clouds

sulz woke up with a cloud hanging over her head. She felt troubled since last week, when she developed a mysterious allergy. She has been itching and scratching since last Tuesday. The doctor confirmed she has hives and is allergic to something. What, she hasn’t found out. The medication provided by the doctor was very welcomed. She popped them religiously until the pharmacist told her that it was not good to take them on a long term when she tried to buy more medication over the counter. Doing a simple research online pointed out that prednisolone is indeed not good in a prolonged period and is said to cause muscle deterioration, osteoporosis and weakened immunity system among other scary things. Even though she has only taken them for less than a week she is getting paranoid about taking any more.

She has never been allergic her whole life to anything so it is very peculiar and somewhat frustrating that she is getting hives. So she is at the moment trying hard not to take any except at night because she needs to sleep. Meanwhile, throughout the day she has been trying to distract herself from scratching herself to death. Long, tight pants and long-sleeved tops helps to mask the itchiness somewhat. At first she thought it was the computer she was allergic to – seriously – because the hives starts whenever she uses the computer. Now she is wondering if it’s the heat and weather that’s causing her hives, or maybe even stress, because the hives come back whenever the medication’s effect wears out.

Things on the work end are not much better either. Has been cursing herself for offering to stay an extra one month because she is getting very restless, dissatisfied and displeased by the current circumstances and her bad decision. The place brings her down emotionally and getting to work is such a horrible chore these days. She is not bothered or focused with her work and that feeds further to her overall unpleasant feelings about work because when she’s not giving it her best she doesn’t feel good about doing it and she’ll probably make mistakes, which she did and a big one at that…

You know, other than these two problems, there isn’t really much else that should be bothering sulz all that much. Yet why is she feeling so down in the dumps today? Could it be PMS? But she’s having her period right now – shouldn’t PMS strike before the period? Maybe it’s the effects of taking the allergy medication? Maybe it’s both of that and a case of Monday blues, making a cocktail of misery?

Sigh… I feel so out of sorts today.

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  1. It could be what I ended up getting last year that’s related to my other skin allergy (of non-precious metal). The doctor thought I was allergic to the chemicals in my last workplace after a burn affected my wrist. I got a hefty dose of pills and creams (steroid cream, Vitamin E cream for skin repair and other one, which I forgot the name) that helped but it keeps coming back after a while. Maybe I should go to a dermatologist.

    sulz: how did you find out what you were allergic to? i don’t want to keep taking the medication but it was so itchy i popped two last night. 😦 otherwise i couldn’t sleep! and i’m so grumpy in the day because of it, sigh.

  2. Try to do something fun everyday so that you have a smile on your face every day. Not smiling makes one feel so depressed, and its not good for health either! ( That’s Aathira diagnosis)

    About the allergy, show it to another doc for a second opinion, and do take along your previous prescription so he knows exactly what the other doc thought it was. If the medication is only making your forget about the itching when its effective, that is not solving the problem, just temporarily drawing a screen in front of you.

    sulz: not really in the mood for anything fun with the hives. 😦 it seems to be worsening. yeah, the doc i went to said i won’t be cured until i know what i’m allergic to. problem is that i get the hives the whole day long! how do i eliminate what items i am not or am allergic to if i get hives all the time?

  3. lovelyloey said:


    Yea, Aathira is right, it’s best to seek a 2nd opinion.

    Take care 😦

    sulz: should i? my company covers my medical fees, but so paiseh go see doctor twice in a month… especially since i’m leaving it soon!

  4. thebeadden said:

    Do’t have any advice. But sorry. Hope you are better soon. 😦

    sulz: thanks, bead. the only time the hives doesn’t bother me is when i’m asleep but sadly i’m not getting enough of it because i have a hard time going to sleep with the hives in the first place! sigh… πŸ˜†

  5. Get well soon {hugs}

    sulz: thanks, reema. πŸ™‚ i really hope the hives will stop!

  6. The doctor found out because I told her about my family’s allergy history, particularly my Dad’s, since it seems to be related to this skin allergy. plus, I was exposed to different chemicals during my time at my last two workplaces, ranging from bleach, detergent, window cleaner, floor cleaner and other things and also the fact that other workers got the same thing at the time, but on a less devastating scale compared to mine.

    sulz: my dad has eczema, that’s about it. πŸ˜• i haven’t been exposed to anything unusual, not unless you count my trip to bangkok! i wish it will go away soon like a bad cold.

  7. i think it is the heat.. just drink plenty of water, bath twice with some herbal (neem) soap. stay cool.. avoid full sleeves. wear airy clothes…u’ll be fine. πŸ™‚

    sulz: the hives do get worse when i’m not in an air-conditioned place. covering my whole body helps me from scratching, actually! at home it’s really bad now as i can really feel the itchiness. πŸ˜₯

  8. The heat actually made my allergy worse when I had it, especially when I’m in the heat, where it makes the places infected burn quite a bit and itch. A lot. Invest in organic soaps and shampoo as well if you can.

    sulz: same here. i wonder if it is stress-related, coupled with the horrible weather at the moment? 😦 do organic products lessen the itchiness? gahhh… i feel so bloody itchy now!!

  9. Get better soon. And go see an allergy specialist. If it is an allergy, many allergies are very manageable. Unless the allergy is about going back to work! πŸ˜‰ Sigh, they just have not found a cure for that allergy. I have been looking for that cure for years.

    sulz: i don’t have that kind of money. 😦 i’m just hoping it will go away soon – i read that hives do go away sometimes without one figuring out what was the allergy. and it is strange that i get hives the whole day long, except when i sleep. what are the symptoms of going back to work allergy? πŸ˜€

  10. Also, here’s a recommendation; when you shower, don’t shower with piping-hot water, go either lukewarm or freezing cold.

    sulz: thanks. the weather’s so hot lately the water in the shower is naturally lukewarm already, haha!

  11. By the way, have you tried looking for skin creams with added anaesthetic? It’s used for dermatitis, burns and assistance with healing wounds. It might help with the itchiness.

    sulz: i really don’t know what am i supposed to look for. 😳 is it safe to use that sort of skin cream? my friend uses a steroid cream for her hives but i don’t want to use that since i’ll be using a lot and steroid’s not good if you use too much too long, right?

  12. I had to use steroid cream a few times, that’s why the doctor said to use it sparingly, like vegemite on toast. The product I used last is called Cortival cream.

  13. […] the same thing many times before and still am to this day. Now I’m giving good advice to another one that needs it the most, since I beat the same thing last year that this person is going through […]

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