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Thank you for the well wishes and medical advice, friends. πŸ™‚ I’d like to think the allergy is getting better but I don’t think so. I’ve learnt that the hives get really bad whenever I’m not in an air-conditioned place. At work, that’s not much of a problem but at home, I can only get air con in my room. Hence the reason I get hives whenever I go on the computer, as it is not in my room! πŸ˜† (I thought at one point I was allergic to the computer!)

The hives erupt the whole day when I don’t take the medication, regardless of the room temperature, though it’s not as bad if I were in a cool place. Covering my whole body helps in covering the ugly, angry welts and visually tricking myself into thinking I’m not having hives. It also helps because it’s harder to scratch myself when I cover up. At home it’s really bad, since it’s hot and I wear baggy T-shirt and shorts…

When I do take the medication, it takes a while before the hives stop. Even then it does not completely go away. Currently, I’m at work and I popped cetirizine and prednisolone before leaving home because the hives were so bad it even got to my face. πŸ˜• Anyway, some parts of my body still itches, though it’s very minimal compared to not taking the medication.

I’m trying hard not to take the medication because I don’t know exactly what I’m allergic to. Reading online about the medication I’m taking says that it’s not good to take them on a long-term basis. Since I don’t know what is causing the hives, I really have no idea how long I’ll need them! Yesterday I didn’t take any and I was scratching all day long. I’m quite grumpy and moody because of this.

The only time I don’t get the hives is when I’m asleep. Yesterday I went to bed early because the hives were so bad and as a result, got a pretty good night’s sleep. I think I’m not really allergic to anything per se, because the hives begin when I wake up and persists until I sleep. So I suspect that the hives are a combination of the horrible heatwave going on in my country right now and stress. Maybe losing RM600, along with my work frustrations, gave me more emotional trauma than I expected and has manifested into this horrible hives physically. 😦

I can’t afford to go to an allergy specialist to find out what I’m already suspecting to be true. I mean, it makes no sense to be getting hives at your every waking moment if you are allergic to food or the heat, right? So it’s quite likely that the hives are caused by heat and stress and the only way to eliminate them is to wait for the weather to change and to get out of my current job ASAP!

Meanwhile, Tiger balm helps a bit. The menthol-ish feeling masks the itchiness somewhat!

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  1. Take Care πŸ™‚

    sulz: thanks, suda!

  2. Another thing: when I got my dermatitis, it spread from myself to my sister and to everyone else in the family at the time, but, out of the four of us, it affected me the worst and apparently, the doctor said that mine is genetic! Talk about worse luck!

    sulz: haha, talk about family unity. πŸ˜› too bad you can’t choose what to inherit genetically! i hope you inherited other good things genetically to make up for that.. πŸ˜€

  3. I think u might have urticaria due to hotness or high temperatures.. try talking to the doc abt this
    anyway best of luck.. i know u must be going through hell rt now..

    sulz: yeah, i could be, though reading about it seems like it is quite rare to have. but it’s the only logical explanation thus far! right now am at the office so it’s not too bad. when i get home… πŸ‘Ώ

  4. Have you recently started using any body lotion or sun screen? Maybe that is what is causing the reaction.

    Or it might be some oil which is being used… which you happen to take everyday.

    Take care… and here is a link which I found would be good for some remedies for heat rashes

    sulz: nope, i don’t use body lotion or sunscreen. at least, not the whole day – i use j&j’s baby lotion occasionally. thanks for the link. i’m not having body rash, though i do experience it sometimes thanks to some of my clothing πŸ˜› but it has a link to hives which i’m checking out now. thanks again!

  5. Take care!! And how could you even remotely think that you are allergic to the computer which helps you connect with the likes of me?!? πŸ˜€

    sulz: haha, temporary insanity caused by irritating hives! πŸ˜›

  6. sorry to hear your condition. hope u get well soon.

    sulz: thanks, reema. it rained this morning and my hives are back, but not as much. hopefully it’ll stay like this for the rest of the day!

  7. Let’s just hope yours isn’t like mine–genetic! I have a few things that makes up for this though πŸ™‚

    sulz: my parents have no allergy, though one has eczema. it’s not the same, though, is it? hmm, high metabolism or good features? πŸ˜‰

  8. You poor thing! Really hope you get better soon.

    sulz: i hope so too… hives are not fun to have! give me some cough and cold any day.

  9. Something just struck me.. maybe its something you caught on your trip?
    They say the symptoms might show up only after a few days…

    Did you try anything different in Bangkok?

    sulz: um, tom yum goong? haha, maybe had too much fun and it finally caught up on me. i don’t know… my friends are fine for sure. i had a lot going on recently, maybe that’s it. 😦 yesterday it wasn’t so bad, though. i hope it’s a sign the hives are improving!

  10. Mosquitoes in the body can’t be good! I think stress can contribute to things like this, but allergies can come up at any time. Awww, you are feeling so icky that you reverted to 3rd person in your last post! Interesting about the Tiger Balm. Have you tried acupuncture?
    I am holding a “healing you” in my thoughts, and hope you find out soon what is causing this! Sounds like anything you can do to cool down helps!
    Sending you cool thoughts! 😎

    sulz: nope it certainly isn’t! i’ve never thought of alternative medicine. i don’t even properly consider non-alternative medicine because i hardly need to go to the doctor before this. 😦 and the money problems is really not helping with this situation, sigh. i need to move to iceland, i think!

  11. To make up? Of course! A sense of humour, an ability to see things differently and not being afraid of eating foreign! πŸ˜€

    sulz: haha, are you sure that’s genetic? πŸ˜‰ mind you don’t get hives from eating strange food! πŸ˜›

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  13. thebeadden said:

    I hope you are feeling better, Sulz. I’ve never has hives but it sounds like a nasty thing. That feeling would drive me batty!

    So sorry. 😦

    sulz: yeah, i never knew hives can be this torturing! at least my kind is. 😦

  14. Uch! I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Hard to let yourself relax and enjoy anything while you feel inhabited by buzzing insects! Everyone has already said or suggested what I was going to say, so just know this too shall pass. I’ll also keep a healing image in my mind and heart for you.

    Ok. I gotta add one small note. I had to smile at the thought that you’ve come up with something that’s actually better while at work. How often can any of us say that!

    Feel well soon, sulz!

    Ronnie Ann

    sulz: thankfully medication works. but it’s not good to pop them in the long run. 😦 that’s why i suffer every other day cos i try not to take them every day. i hope it’s going away, it sure doesn’t feel like it!

    yes, how ironic that the one place i don’t look forward to going is the very place i can seek relief from my symptoms now! thank you, i hope that too.

  15. I remember this happening to me too. Its very irritating because there is no reason for this to happen. 😦

    sulz: gosh, you had this too?? how long before the hives went away for you? that’s what worries me most. 😦

  16. Air Condition. 😦 I don’t need an air condition. I need a computer along with an internet connection. I don’t have them at my home although I’m highly involved in it.

    Anyway, your theme is great. I hope I will get your comments on my blog, too.

    Respects from Bangladesh.

  17. Sorry to hear of your chronic problem. I’ve been battling a hives outbreak of my own this last week or so. It’s my first time and it’s kinda been freaking me out. I’ve started some antihistamines, which I hope will help clear it up.

    The big find for me has been how effective Tiger Balm is at suppressing the itching! It does make one smell like a giant mint or pine tree or something, but it sure does the trick. Just keep it away from your genitals or you WILL be sorry. Trust me on this one.

    sulz: sorry to hear you have the hives too. what sort of antihistamines are you using?

    haha, you sure aren’t afraid to experiment. πŸ˜› when the hives get too bad, get an ice-cold shower. it does relieve the itch, but it’ll come back again until you pop the antihistamines.

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