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The mosquitoes are still in my body and that has caused me to be turned off blogging lately. I worry about when it will end so I can stop taking drugs that could harm my body in the long run. I try to take the medication every other day to lessen the side effects but sometimes the itching is too unbearable.

Reading more about hives online tells me that I have little chance of ever finding out what I’m allergic to. It couldn’t possibly be food because I would not be having hives the whole day without medication if I am allergic to some food. It could be stress or the weather, as I mentioned before. It could be something I picked up from my recent vacation in Bangkok too, as Aathira commented in my previous post.

Supposedly this hives shouldn’t last more than 6 weeks. If it does then it will be a chronic case. I’ve been suffering from it for two and a half weeks now. I hope the end of it is near…

My physically red condition – you should see the hives when I’m trying not to medicate – reflects my financially red situation. Ever since I started working my expenditure has risen out of proportion to what I earn.

The first big splurge I made was for my room. I spent some and borrowed RM500 from M for further spending. Bed, sheets, curtains, bookshelves, cupboard… I have not paid that debt yet.

While still owing M that amount, I splurged on another big thing: my vacation to Bangkok. The whole trip cost over RM1000, including airfare, shopping, food, commuting, accommodation. I am still owing Angel’s cousin for the hotel because the credit card statement has not arrived. I am really worried the bill will be over the amount I am expecting to pay because this was not the hotel I initially agreed on for budgeting reasons. It was a good hotel, but I hope it won’t damage my pocket too much.

Then I lost RM600, which is really not helping at all in my financial situation. That RM600 could have settled my hotel debt and left some over to pay M. I also spent a lot on books this month because there were three book sales and I know I’d kick myself if I didn’t go despite not being in the right financial situation to splurge on books.

I have not been good with my money ever since I started work. I had saved a sum of money but had taken that sum out to buy a long-needed new pair of glasses and a new supply of contact lenses. I also withdrawn money from my account to pay for my French lessons previously. Which means I have basically not saved anything since I started work.

Every month, I give my parents half my paycheck to cover my expenses at home: food, petrol, broadband, et cetera. I pay RM150 every month for my study loan repayment. Usually I am left with RM500+ for myself.

Sigh, this is a very depressing post for me. I want to stop itching. I want to stop owing people money. I want to be out of the red now.

ps. This money-related news is even sadder.

Comments on: "Physically and Financially in the Red" (8)

  1. *hug*

    sulz: 🙂 *hugs back* it’s a happier post, the next one.

  2. Hey, money problems will soon resolve. Don’t wory about them too much. But I hope that you don’t get hives anymore, I can understand it makes you irritable.

    Take care, wish you best of luck for now and future! 🙂

    sulz: i know, just like my hives (i hope!). obviously i’m much too impatient. 😛 thanks, today the weather was cool so my hives were minimal. a relief in comparison to other days!

  3. hey you’ve got to control yourself.

    both the physical itching (which is not much in your hands) and the itch you get to spend more than you can afford. that is more dangerous. any kinds of loans are never good for anyone. please be more careful and curb your buying instincts.

    physically i hope you get better very soon… ({Hugs})

    and financially i hope you keep your eyes and brain wide open and be calculative before spending. 🙂

    sulz: but sometimes when i am prudent i regret not buying those things! that’s why i end up buying more this time because i don’t want to regret not buying something i want – it’s not often i can come across things i want and can afford (relatively). 😛

    *hugs back* yeah i guess i have to set aside money for savings the moment i get my paycheck.

  4. OMG! u still havent recovered? {hugs} I also think it may be some irritant from Bangkok.

    sulz: nope, but today the hives were not so bad. *hugs back* well i hope that irritant gets out of my body soon!

  5. Money problems will sort itself out.

    You can handle that once you are well 😦 Get well soon.

    sulz: i’m handling now as we speak – i barely buy lunches because i pack from home almost every day this month! thanks for the wishes. 🙂

  6. hey… get well soon !

    sulz: thanks, mohit!

  7. I just hope everything gets better! *hugs*

    sulz: *hugs back* 🙂

  8. You have still not recovered? I thought you are fine now! I hope you are regularly seeing a doctor? Just take good care of yourself! 🙂

    sulz: nope… if the weather’s good, the hives hardly break out. if the weather isn’t, all hives break loose. 😦 i’m not seeing a doctor because i don’t dare to claim medical fees from the company i’m leaving soon, but i’m buying similar medication from the pharmacy.

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