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I haven’t really explained how it came about that I discussed with my boss and agreed on the part-time stint. It was actually due to something you might feel is petty of me. Yesterday, I received my payslip and I was not happy that 3 1/2 days of my leave was considered unpaid and therefore minused from my salary, when I was only informed of having one day of unpaid leave.

To be fair, the boss had explained to me that the paid leave is given on a pro-rata basis; that is, I get one paid leave day for every month I have worked here. So he really didn’t do anything wrong because technically I did take that many unpaid leaves. But why inform me of one day having unpaid leave when he planned to count 3 1/2?

When I saw that, I thought, “I’m being really stupid for staying an extra one month in consideration of their situation when they are being calculating with me.” Some of you were right when I asked about this; I should’ve been firm and not offer to stay longer. So I went to my boss, explained that if it would be possible to have me on a part-time stint, in view of the light workload, he agreed and suddenly today is my last official day here!

My boss agreed to this arrangement because the replacement is coming back in the middle of next month. Basically I’ll just be doing this for two weeks and then I’m done. I’ll go to the office in the morning, leave at lunchtime for the bookshop and work in the noon shift until closing time. I hope I can stay healthy through this period!

I guess the question of my work ethics might come to you after reading all this. I do think that to a certain extent, I did not behave ethically because I did not keep my promise of staying an extra month. But that was when it was understood that they needed me to stay and help the new colleague familiarise with the job. Now that the old replacement is coming back, the process will be simple and quick. Also, I’m really glad I went for what I want out of this situation because it was really bringing me down and I would die if I had to work with that… horrible person for two weeks!

I’m feeling really stoked today. Not only is this my ‘last’ day of sorts, the boss is on leave today and everybody is happy! We were joking and chatting with each other freely. I also learnt that the other colleagues are not actually welcoming the news of the return of the replacement. That was such a surprise to me because I was under the impression they liked him.

The biggest surprise to me is the other colleague who has just recently gone on extended leave has sent in a resignation letter! Which means the two present sub-editors are going out and an old one coming back. Who will fill the other vacancy? Oh, by the way, the bosses did interviews to find someone to replace me but apparently they were not satisfied with the candidates hence calling the old replacement back. But looks like they’ll have to make do with one of them if they want to fill the vacancy fast…

So yeah, today was quite an eventful day for me, information-wise. Whatever happens at the bookshop, I have no regrets leaving this place because I know my heart is not in it. I don’t want to wake up dreading to go to work like I do now on most days. I’m leaving the demanding clients, I’m leaving the rush hour traffic, I’m leaving the boredom, I’m leaving the tense environment, I’m leaving the negative stuff behind!

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  1. Just went to comment on the last one (I’m so late, lately) 😦 and found this! That’s a very good explanation for how things happened. It seems fair on everyone. And, you didn’t abandon your commitment, you just renegotiated it with your boss. That’s perfectly acceptable if both parties agree.
    Of course you’re irreplaceable! You feel you weren’t good at the old job, but WE knew they valued you. It is interesting that your colleagues didn’t like the old replacement as much as you thought. You are pretty perceptive; it seems you aren’t the only person who noticed his qualities.
    I’m not at all surprised that the person on leave decided not to come back. That happens a lot. Hope they’ll hire someone compatible with the old replacement, 😉 but they will, somehow, get along without you. It seems you’ll be leaving on good terms. This is a good thing.
    And you just flowed right into more hours at the Book Shop! You are awesome! 🙂

    sulz: better late than never – i like that phrase. 🙂 i have a feeling he agreed simply because he saw how desperate i was to get out, haha. when i requested this arrangement i had no idea the other sub-editor had resigned.

    nah, i don’t think i was that good to be valued! i’m not very experienced at the job although i’m familiar with it by now. hehe, it made me feel better that they didn’t care much about the old replacement. :mrgreen:

    thanks! 😳 working life definitely gives you many life lessons, not just about work.

  2. Well, Muse has said it all 🙂 And about work ethics, it is not like you are quitting without notice. You had come to an agreement with your boss, renegotiated as Muse put it.
    Alls well 😀

    And about your reply “working life gives many lessons” Amen to that!!! Thank you for the other day to have been patient to listen to my crib session! 🙂

    sulz: i guess we could put it like that and it’s not untrue! 😛 no problem, that’s what friends are for. i hope things have been looking up for you since then. 🙂 to think the general view of life is that one doesn’t really learn after school is done!

  3. great… so finally out of there…

    enjoy…. 🙂

    sulz: not really, but two more weeks only! 🙂 hehe.

  4. Just finished catching up on all your posts. I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting lately! I really liked those Bangkok posts, and I enjoyed the photos.

    So anyway: congratulations! 🙂 I am so pleased to hear that everything is working out so well for you, and I’m impressed at the way that you have dealt with the situation of switching jobs.

    Good luck!

    sulz: hey bobby! it’s nice to hear from you again. 🙂 thanks! i just want to get everything settled asap and hopefully i can do what i enjoy with the bookshop soon!

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