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I’ve just had my first official day at the bookshop and it was tiring!!!

Firstly, we’re still sorting out the stock of new books that just never seem to end. My back ached really bad from all the bending down to carry the books from the floor to price.

Secondly, it doesn’t help that I still have to work at the old place for half a day. The other boss, who (whom?) I didn’t discuss this arrangement with, did not like it and not so subtly made her feelings known. 😛 Anyway, I leave the house before 8am and come home around 10pm. 😦

Thirdly, I’m not physically used to hard work. I’m not round without a reason! I’m not sweating it out at the bookshop or anything like that, but it is tiring to price books, carry books, attend to customers, blablabla… and I don’t get to start my real job just yet because we have to clear the stock first. 😦 I don’t even have my own table! But the bosses promise me soon, when all the books have been cleared.

On the other hand, I saw this workshop in the newspaper which I thought would be good for my job scope in the bookshop – when I get to do it – and my bosses agreed to pay me to attend the workshop! I have to do it on my days off but I guess that’s okay. Also, I got my cheques from the bookshop for last month’s part-time stint and I earned more than I expected! That was because I helped out with some copywriting and editing at the bookshop, which will be part of my job when I get to start doing that. So I should be able to clear my debts quicker!

Okay, after writing that it does seem I have more good stuff to focus on than bad. I’m just really tired and when I’m tired I’m cranky and I don’t want to talk to anybody. Except that I just woke up today with a strangely good mood, considering how tired and cranky I was yesterday. And I will soon be later today, bleh.

So if I don’t blog the next few days or weeks, you know why lah. I’m crossing my fingers my last day at the old place will be on the 15th. Then I can go back to a normal life. With the bookshop!

Comments on: "Not so, err, awesome news on awesome news" (6)

  1. I hear ya! Just two more weeks. It will fly I promise. 🙂

    sulz: it’s not flying. 😦 but it’s coming… slooooowly!

  2. Great going…

    sulz: thanks. 🙂 i’m thinking if i dug myself into a hole though!

  3. Hey how r the hives?

    sulz: still the same. taking cetirizine once every two days. i think my case is chronic. 😦

  4. Hi sulz! I wanted to comment on your frustrating and fate-tempting day, but couldn’t get the comment form to work for me. So please accept a big hug instead {{{{{{SULZ}}}}}}.

    Hope tomorrow is MUCH better. 😉

    sulz: i closed comments cos i was really upset at the time and wasn’t in the mood to reply to comments about something which i was quite sore about!

    *hugs back* thank you so much. the next day was better, if one had to compare it to that awful day! and other things happened too…

  5. Just dropping by to let you know I’m thinking of you. Sounds like a lot of physical work at the bookstore! It must be a challenge to keep up with both jobs, and your sleep!!! I think you will feel better when you only have one job. Congrats on getting to go the workshop, though. It can bring some fresh perspective for sure.
    The countdown continues…Hang in there…*HUGS*

    sulz: aww, thanks! 🙂 it is, but i think i’m getting used to it cos i don’t feel as tired as i did at first. there have been some changes at the shop, though… i hope the workshop can inspire me to write well when my real job begins.

    *hugs back* 🙂

  6. Just a little while before you work only at the book shop. I am sure things will be good. We are here hoping that for you 😀

    sulz: thanks, apar. there have been some changes at the shop so i don’t know…

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