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1. Wake up and not feel completely rested, even though you have slept for about 8 hours plus a 3-hour nap in the afternoon.

2. Lock your car while you walk towards the parking machine and realise you left the keys in the steering wheel lock.

3. Frantically call your father to bring the spare set of keys from home – thankfully the cell phone was in your pocket, which is the only saving grace since you usually do not put your phone in your pocket – while going to work worried sick someone might break open your car window and speed off with the keys right there for the taking. (You did ask this rather cute guy who works in this vegetarian food stall which you love frequenting – for the food, not the eye candy – to help you keep an eye while you’re at work.)

4. Get the bag, food and book you left in the car from your dad after he has gone to remove the keys from the lock in the car. But forget to take the keys from him.

5. Take the keys from your dad while giving him money to pay for the parking – which you have yet to do so because you cannot put the parking ticket on your dashboard when you left the keys in the car. But ALSO FORGET to tell him not to use the parking machine that eats your money. Consequently, you have to add more money to the machine an hour after your dad pays for the ticket because of that. After going in and out of the office three times already.

And all these happen before 10am in the morning.


11.11am – Oh, doesn’t it get better! You scuff the pair of office heels that hurt your feet the least and the left shoe is spoiled. This is while going to pay for your parking after the one your dad paid expired because of the stupid machine that eats money.

10 hours and more to go before you finish work today. What else can go wrong? Come on, give me your fucking best shot.


1.47pm – You realise the food you bought from your favourite vegetarian stall has been mistakenly switched with another person’s lunch. So you only had a half-eaten lunch because you don’t like the veggies in that packet. And the friend you so kindly bought food for from the same stall does not even offer to give some of her food, which you actually like.

3.16pm – You get news from your favourite colleague that she is leaving soon because the bosses do not want to give confirmation for her current position.

Yes, it was my fault for taunting Fate. Or whatever that makes my life shitty.

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