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No, I didn’t forget but I have yet to get out of my uninspired state even though I’m in the better half of June.

I finally finished the half-month part-time stint at my previous company, earned an extra RM500 which I will blow on some good pair of shoes when I can muster some will to go to the mall by myself this weekend because I don’t enjoy shopping by myself. But I need good shoes. And undies.

Last weekend I had my monthly dinner with my circle of ex-college classmates. We went to Zanmai Sushi. I had something-don, which is rice, egg and chicken (okay), some teriyaki thing, which is like chicken satay (yummy) and some sort of sushi which is some Thousand Island sauce on some raw prawn or something on rice (well, it tasted like raw anyway). Yes, Japanese cuisine is not my cup of tea for sure! ๐Ÿ˜ณ It’s good to eat something out of my comfort zone once in a while, though.

We then parted with a couple of friends who had to leave earlier and continued dinner with dessert at the place Dessert & Dinner had brownies before. Ohmygod… I totally got high on chocolate. Well, not just the chocolate but it did contribute much to my inebriated state. After brownies we walked about the mall some more for more food and we passed by this kiosk which sells this potato pie thing which I absolutely adore. There goes my sanity…

That was the first time in a long time where I just felt free to be as crazy as I want and I know the people around me would not judge me for it. Okay, there were talks about leaving me on the roadside but I never felt like I was too weird for them. So cheers to friends who tolerate you no matter how annoying you insist on being while drunk on chocolate and potato pie. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I had to endure two days with the replacement whom I replaced before but is now replacing me. The sight of him just sickens me, it really does. He came in and greeted a loud good morning to everybody and one specifically to me. I grunted one in return but he got the message. Barely said anything to me and did not bother to be polite after that. I did not bother to explain my projects properly unless under the supervision of my boss. Yes, it is very unprofessional of me but thinking about what he did to me just made me really angry. What goes around comes around, I believe… (Anyway, it’s not as if I left him totally in the dark. After all, he’s worked at the job far longer than me and there is my boss and the materials left behind to refer to if he needs answers.)

So now I’m totally full-time at the bookshop but there have been many changes since my last update about it. For one, we have a couple of new colleagues, one of which I will working alongside with when it comes to the marketing development of the bookshop. He has many years in the industry, having worked as an editorial assistant and marketing executive at most of the major bookstores in Malaysia. At first I felt threatened, like I might be booted out while he takes over, but he turns out to be quite nice. He doesn’t seem to be competitive and he knows many people in the industry. I think I can learn a lot from him and he seems quite easy to work with.

For another, I’m not very happy with the current work situation. When the marketing colleague and I were hired, we were told we have to assist in the daily retail operations on top of the marketing activities we are doing. One problem is that the computer we use is outside where the cashier is and it hinders us from doing our marketing duties because customers constantly need our attention. Another problem is that I have to share one computer with my marketing colleague and it’s difficult to do our marketing jobs. Also, a colleague who used to do the cleaning around the bookshop left recently and the bosses have assigned all staff to do a duty roster… and the first people who had to do cleaning duty for the week was the marketing colleague and I. I felt that it was not something we should do. Already we were doing two people’s jobs with our marketing and retail duties, we had to chip in with the cleaning of the bookshop?

So I had a chat with the nicer boss about it, because I was really not comfortable with doing it, and neither was my marketing colleague. The boss did not like what I said and told me that I should dive into a job and know what’s it really about before complaining. But it was through that talk that I found the colleague who did the cleaning and left recently is now coming back. Well, why didn’t she informed us about the situation, instead of giving the impression that they were not going to outsource a cleaner or hire back my old colleague but instead expect us to absorb this job as part of our daily duties?

That said, I’m glad that colleague is coming back because she is the such a cheery character. She’s nice, kind, helpful and loves to sing out loud. She has a lovely voice and it often eases the tension at the bookshop. Also, the bosses have given me permission to clear out an unoccupied table which currently filled with junk to place the computer we’re using at the moment there. The marketing colleague will use one of the bosses computer in the meantime because they are about to leave for their vacation.

I’m also finally starting to do things I want to do at work as most of the shipment has been cleared. The website I’m helping to administer is beginning to take place. We will launch it in July and I will give you the address so you can read what I write about and give feedback so that I can improve! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow I will be attending the workshop my bosses sponsored me for. Hopefully I can pick up a thing or two and help with my writing for the website.

Comments on: "And then I forgot that I wasn’t on a mini blogging break anymore." (3)

  1. Sometimes…you have to just keep plugging along…and somewhere along the way you find what you’re missing. Personally, I’m still looking…but here’s to hoping you have a more rapid discovery.

    sulz: yeah, sometimes i feel like quitting when i witness or experience something bad at work! but when i’m less affected i think about what i have at the moment and the truth is i do enjoy this job so much more than all my other jobs in the past. i wish you the best of luck in your search.

  2. I do not think that without giving a clear picture, asking you to chip in and work through others jobs is a good thing. Helping out in trying times is good, but you need to know when the times will become better.

    sulz: that’s what i think too. bosses these days expect you to think up all the good stuff for them but at the same time want you to accept some things without understanding clearly. ๐Ÿ˜ looks like it’s not the customer who is always right – the boss is!

  3. So, how much for shoes, and how much for undies? ๐Ÿ˜› “something-don” you are funny! Try Yosenabe next time; you would like that. And you like GOOD sushi, don’t you?
    “…talks about leaving me on the roadside” –Really? I actually got left on the roadside, once. Good thing there was a bus. After nearly an hour. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Ah, the Replacement. Poor you!
    Looks like you worked some things out at the bookshop. It’s good you talked to the boss, even if he didn’t like it at first. At least you got the whole story, although I agree—why couldn’t he have told you all the cleaning situation was just temporary? Good that you got a better computer situation, too. Hope you have enjoyed the workshop and found it useful!

    sulz: yesterday i blew rm200 for 3 pairs of bras and a pair of undies! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ found a pair of cheap sneakers, though i really wanted the crocs flats that look like moccasins. see, i’m not sure what is good sushi. i mean, i haven’t gotten around trying anything raw. yet. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    haha, what did you do?? yes, it was trying to endure that 8 hours together in the same space with him. ๐Ÿ˜• but that’s all in the past now! the bosses are away on vacation now and the bookshop has never been more fun. :mrgreen: when the cat is away…

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