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1. My car had a flat tyre one night while driving home from work. The tyre burst even before I left the parking lot, but I had never experienced driving a car with a flat tyre before so I thought it was an engine problem at first. And it was on a day when I left my cell phone at home, of all days. Thinking it was an engine problem, I thought the car could hang on while I drive it home but a quarter of the way home, I had to pull over. I was kinda scared because I was in the middle of the highway, with no way of communicating with Dee. I tried flagging down a motorcyclist, as the emergency lane was right next to the motorcyclists’ lane, but none would stop. In the end I found someone walking by the deserted industrial area opposite the highway and borrowed his phone to call Dee. The whole ordeal lasted about two and a half hours.

2. The writing workshop my bosses sponsored me for was somewhat of a waste of time, in my opinion. It was supposed to teach me how to write for online media, but it felt more like a workshop teaching me how to write a newspaper article. It might come in useful some day but I don’t think this was what my bosses had in mind when they agreed to pay for my participation. It certainly wasn’t what I had in mind either! There was too little online element in the teaching and I also think online media isn’t necessarily confined to newspaper websites. I don’t even get a certificate or something after the workshop. We were made to write an opinion piece at the end. I was one of the first to pass up because I didn’t put much effort in it. It felt like another class essay I had to write! I’m not sure if they will comment on it and pass it back to us?

3. Bosses have been on vacation last weekend and are only due to come back next week. At first I thought it would be good to not feel the pressure of performing in front of them but now I’m sort of wishing they come back soon. I have a lot of things I need to clarify with them regarding the website we’re about to launch. That will be done on the first day of next month itself but they are only due back at the very last day of this month! As a result, I have many incomplete tasks because I cannot proceed further without getting their approval or equipment from them. But I better enjoy this moment while it’s still around. Surely when they return I will bemoan their presence as all good employees do! šŸ˜›

ps. Goodness, I can’t believe I forgot to tell you what happened after the two and a half hours ordeal with my flat tyre. Dee came and waited with me for the motor insurance emergency van to come help us fix the spare tyre. When they did come and set the spare tyre, the spare tyre was leaking. Badly. šŸ˜• Dee refused to pay for a tow truck so we had to leave my car at the highway. The next day my dad brought the mechanic over to where my car was, and discovered the passenger car door was jimmied into so badly that I can’t use the key to open that door. šŸ‘æ

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  1. glad you are ok! it is dangerous to drive with a flat tyre.

    sulz: tell me about it! i’m just glad i didn’t do damage to the car forcing it to drive that long. šŸ˜•

  2. i agree with Reema.. glad you are safe..

    is writing for online media different from the newspaper..?

    sulz: it wasn’t too late at night so i don’t think it was too dangerous. except my driving! well, i’m thinking that online media is not just confined to newspapers. the scope of the workshop mostly surrounds that.

  3. Glad you are safe.

    Always ensure that the spare tyre is filled and in good shape. You never know when you’re gonna need it.

    sulz: too right! i’m not even sure why i had a flat tyre. it was broken in six different places! dee concluded it was wear and tear.

  4. How can you drive with a flat tyre? Won’t it be too bumpy?
    Always keep a spare tyre with you and make sure you know how to change it yourself! šŸ™‚

    sulz: it was! my car wasn’t equipped with the things to change a flat tyre. i saw how the guys did it and i’m not sure if i have enough strength to do it even if i knew how!

  5. Woops, that was a bad vehicle day alright. Driving with a flat tyre and not figuring out it’s the tyre that’s causing the trouble is exactly the kind of thing I’m likely to do. But it’s just that a flat tyre on a scooter is too obvious. Not only does the engine act like it’s dead but the thing starts going here, there, and everywhere. Quite a horrible experience. And I’ve been blessed with quite a few of them. When dad was teaching me how to drive a car, the second or the third day we had a flat tyre. We tried changing tyres but there was no jack so we just had to leave the car there and wait for the mechanic to fix it up. But we were in a residential area and stuff. Having to leave your car on a highway doesn’t sound too exciting.

    Online writing and newspaper writing is very different from what I’ve seen. Online is a lot more informal and opinionated, you know what I mean? Newspapers are quite formal and simply worded so everyone can get it. Sad that the workshop was such a waste.

    sulz: yeah, it was not nice to discover we can’t open the passenger door ‘cos it was jimmied into so badly. šŸ˜¦ thank goodness the car wasn’t stolen!

    the workshop would not help in the kind of writing i’m supposed to do, but it did give me a few good tips, especially about being simple. while online writing gives us freedom to write in the style we are most comfortable with, i do think that when you write simply you can reach out to a bigger audience. so i’ll keep that in mind when i write!

  6. 1 scary!
    2 too bad it wasn’t more useful!
    3 Almost time for them to come back! It looks like you have a lot to talk to them about.
    ps Oh, no! So now it’t the wheel AND the door?
    pps I like your flowery header!

    sulz: well, after i got in touch with my dad i wasn’t worried anymore. the waiting bored me! šŸ™‚

    yeah, but something happened today (29 june) that has made it all the more useful now… (will blog about it soon!)

    there have been some changes at work again. drat! but it’s for the good of the company. i just hope this does not affect their appraisal of my performance.

    mm-hmm, passenger door is spoiled and one can only open the car from the driver’s door or the boot.

    me too! since i’m trying to get back to the blogging habit i figure it should look more cheery and welcoming. šŸ™‚

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