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So this is the blogging project I’ve been hinting about. Unlike my previous blogging projects, this is more for my benefit than yours. How does it work? Simple. This is my personal NaBloPoMo. I will be writing a post every day for the month of July.

However, your participation in this project will be very encouraging for me. No, you don’t have to blog every day for this month – that’s my task! I would really appreciate it if you can show encouragement for my personal project with a pledge of your own. It can be anything – maybe you can encourage me by commenting on all 31 posts I’ll be writing this month. Or you can write a post about what I’m doing in your blog. Or you can ask me one question each day to help me blog about something. Or if you want to, you can blog for the entire month with me! Though I really don’t recommend it. 😆 I never dared to take this challenge even when I was much more into blogging before!

So why am I doing it now? I know this is going against the whole ‘blogging without obligation’ mentality, but I feel I need to push myself. At the recent workshop I went (which I felt did not help me much for the kind of writing I do at work) the facilitator shared a story about what her editor told her when she was starting out as a journalist. She said that between a rubbish piece of article and no article at the end of the day, her editor preferred the former because that way there will be something to work on, unlike the latter because you basically did not get anywhere with your writing.

I agree with my facilitator’s editor’s words and so this is me putting myself to the test. I will probably be facing writer’s block every day, but in pushing myself to write something every day for 31 days, it is hoped that the more I write, the better I will get at it and in the process, rediscover my passion for blogging.

Please support and encourage me! 🙂

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  1. You go girl! Will stop by religiously everyday to cheer you on. Totally agree with what you say about forcing yourself to write. I did it for a while and that is my top motivation to write at least five times a week.

    sulz: thanks for your support! 🙂 gosh, i used to do that at the peak of my blogging. now that feels like such a mountain, what more 31 posts in 31 days!! 😆

  2. Three cheers for Sulz! I will be cheering you on by asking a question or leaving comments 🙂

    sulz: yay! 😀 appreciate your support, reema.

  3. I’ll comment on every post.

    And… My advice is: think first, and then post. Sit on your bed or something and just think, and write down your ideas. once you feel inspired, then hop on the computer and start typing.

    sulz: thanks, leap! 🙂 i’ll try to do that, but if i have no time i’ll probably go straight to the ‘new post’ link and sit there until something comes up. 😆 like forcing yourself to go when you’re constipated!

  4. lovelyloey said:

    Woohoo! Stuff to read!
    Sounds fun and I’d do it too, except that that would mean I will come dangerously close to hitting my 1000th post and I still haven’t gotten down to the details what the commemoration is.
    Anyway I look forward to receiving all the feeds from your posts!

    sulz: hehe, thank you for the encouraging response! i hope i won’t bore you too much with the nitty gritty details of my life. 😆

  5. That’s a good idea! Even if the posts are forced initially, you’ll get into the rhythm by the end. You could always start writing posts advertising your oh so awesome blog buddies when you run out of ideas. 😛

    sulz: i hope i have the stamina, man… haha, good idea. 😛

  6. i like the reason for this blogging project.. i am sure when you push yourself.. you’ll be writing great posts..

    i’ll be here to cheer most days.. and ask questions now and then.. 😀

    P.S. – please ensure variety.. pledge not to write too many personal posts.. if you really want to improve the way you write.. you know what i mean.. 🙂

    • p.p.s – All the best.. 😀

      sulz: i honestly can’t promise that, i know i have the bad tendency to go on and on about my mundane life! 😳 nonetheless, you have a point and i do want to try and steer away from that as i have been complaining about my navel-gazing writing anyway! 😆

  7. Yay… I am always happy when my blog friends decide on doing the NaBloPoMo … that means I have loads to read everyday.

    I shall visit and comment on all 31 blogs.

    sulz: and now i am wondering what am i going to write today??! haha… thank you for supporting me! 🙂

  8. You are a daredevil! I can’t even think of doing this!

    sulz: you only live once. 😉 but will i be alive after squeezing 31 posts for 31 days?? haha.

  9. Wow! You’re already several days into this, but I’ll be supporting you the whole way from now on! Go sulz! 🙂

    sulz: thanks bobby! hope to see you around more now. 😉

  10. Haha our stories parallel a little. What job do you do?

    I’m excited to see what comes from this for you

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