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I’m having major difficulty churning out that damn article for that lifestyle magazine. I have no interest in the subject matter. I thought I could try writing a bit at the bookshop, but I feel too bad about doing unrelated work at work. I have no time at home because I am so stressed out from a long day at work fretting about this article that I need to play games on Facebook to destress. And the games take a horribly long time to load I end up taking more time to destress. And then it’s time for bed, which I must have because otherwise I’ll be even more cranky!

This article is really bugging me. My thoughts are on it all day long because the deadline is tomorrow and I am not even halfway through. I need time to do it but I’m on full shift at the bookshop today. 😥 That’s 11 hours long.

And now I don’t know what to write here. I tried writing about my job but I feel it’s so pessimistic and rubbish. Even this post sucks. GAH!

Really bad time to rediscover blogging. 😦

Comments on: "Major writer’s block!! :(" (4)

  1. i think you must go around lifestyle related sites on the net.. you’ll get inspired.. 🙂 maybe some words or ideas… just enough to pass the threshold..

    sulz: i don’t have the time! 😦 but i have my day off tomorrow so i’ll rush like mad to finish it.

  2. Aw, that sucks. But then you have a free day, tomorrow, don’t you? Maybe once you get into the rhythm, you’ll get it. Oorja’s idea is good, btw. Use the internet, it has information on about everything.

    Facebook games are majorly addictive and major stress busters, I have to agree.

    sulz: yeah, i do. the internet has too much information and i don’t have that much time, that’s the problem! i’m at that fuck-it stage right now, i think… (yes, feeling very stressed out at the moment) i need to get over facebook games asap! they are a big part of the reason i’m off my blogging game.

  3. Oh, man, that sounds like a real pain. I know how difficult it can be to write something good about something you don’t care about.

    Good luck tomorrow. Maybe you’ll find writing is easier once you have a whole day to devote to it.

    sulz: thanks! i finished it and i can say it has been such a relief since. 🙂

  4. Damn! Maybe you should take a break from the writing for a while. I think a book called Page After Page by Heather Sellers helps as well. I ‘ve got a copy, and it’s a lifesaver! 🙂

    sulz: what is it about? and no, can’t take a break from writing when i promised to blog non-stop for a month! 😆

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