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Future work prospects

I don’t know why I started thinking about this today, because I’ve neither been inclined nor considered doing this before.

I just withdrawn my paycheck today. My salary is just a slight increase from my previous job and yet it seemed as if I had a lot of money left over after giving my usual to Dee, M and my study loan. I even donated RM100 to WWF Malaysia – I’d get two shopping bags for free, heh.

It’s simply because I’m not saving up for anything. Before that, I was saving for my trip to Bangkok. Before that, I lost a huge chunk of money out of carelessness and had to skimp. Before that, I blew money for furniture in my new room.

I still owe M a few hundred ringgit for the furniture in the room, but I plan to pay it back in the next three months. Meanwhile, I should be able to save RM500 a month if I’m careful with my spending. If I get to do side jobs like freelance writing or editing it’d be even more to save.

Saving is good, of course. I have not been saving regularly in the previous months so I should do it now to catch up. But now I’m thinking, saving will not benefit me all that much… if I could use the money to generate more income that would be better.

A few months ago, I learnt about unit trust funds, or something like that. I forgot what is it called exactly. 😛 It works like fixed deposit accounts, but the interest rate is higher and there is no risk. There is a limited number of shares or whatever it is to be sold, of course. I wanted to put my money into that but it sold out soon after, so there’s to that. I will keep a lookout for something similar in the future.

I could do some investments, but I do not know anything about it, so I won’t consider that. Then my thoughts turned to wondering when can I go to Bangkok again for another shopping spree. Then I thought…

Why not make shopping part of the job? If I start my own business selling clothes or accessories, then I could go to Bangkok more frequently and shop more! I could start a blog to sell my wares and post the products to anywhere in Malaysia. The post office is in the shopping mall where my bookshop is located, so I can do that during my break time. Airplane tickets will not cost much if I keep a lookout for special offers at AirAsia. Since I am planning to do this alone, I will not have to coordinate schedules with anyone.

Also, the shopping mall I work at has a flea market every weekend. I could rent a stall and sell my wares once a month (I’d have to schedule my days off then). I’m not looking for a big profit, after all – just some side income to make it worthwhile and at the same time allow me to do what I enjoy best – shopping!

What do you think? I’m not even sure what to prepare if I am to seriously venture into this. I only know what I want to sell: products which I think are of good quality and taste. Things that I would wear.

Any advice is appreciated!

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  1. ” if I could use the money to generate more income that would be better.”

    YES 🙂

    Sadly I don’t know that much about that. I’m supposed to learn… anytime soon.

    And I think your shopping idea is good! Make sure you get advice from people who know (like, not me) before you start. 😀

    sulz: you’re job hunting already? 😮

    yeah, i hope i can get some. or find resources online, i guess.

  2. I have a neighbour who’s into buying and selling over the Internet. I gather that you can actually make a living off it if you devote time to it and are smart about what you buy.

    I don’t know anything about it myself, but good luck. It sounds like a good idea to me! 🙂

    sulz: yeah, i think i need to start researching first. see what local sellers are selling and whether what i have in mind is unique enough. since it’s just a side thing there’s no need to be all serious about it, just something that hopefully gives me a small profit!

  3. lovelyloey said:


    Do your market research; how saturated is the online blogshop market in Malaysia? If capital is not a problem, you can approach a supplier ASAP. Finding a niche market (say clothes for bigger girls) will help I think.

    sulz: oh yeah hor haha. yes, research is a must… no point getting hopes up until research is optimistic!

  4. I think thats a wonderful idea. And within a few trips, you shall know the better places to shop as compared to the many people who go there once.

    And since you will know the prices and the availability of stuff in Malaysia, I think this can be a huge success… and weekends alone can make it more doable also 🙂

    But I suggest, do find out from the net whether something similar exists anywhere around.

    sulz: thanks – now i only need to do my research, plan a budget, look out for cheap airfares, book my hotel and get my butt there. 😆

    oh i’m sure something similar exists but i think i can get a small slice of the pie if i’m willing to put in the effort! now that’s the difficult part. 😐

  5. Seems quite interesting. Maybe you should try some sort of online garage sale or stuff like that.
    And may be you can procure stuffs from flea markets and earn a bigger margin.
    But yeah…you should actually do it; as sooner you implement an idea, more is the level of enthusiasm associated with it.
    COngrats on thinking like an entrepeneur. 🙂

    sulz: i tried selling my books in a local online forum but nothing came out of it. i even offered to give away my books for free and nobody came to pick it up! 😕 you’re right, if i’m really serious about it i should do it asap. if i am really going to do it i plan to set the business up before the christmas shopping starts to capitalise on that!

  6. I think this is brilliant, as you like fashion and shopping and travel! It’s great there is a flea market where you work, too—perfect! You could buy things in Singapore, as well, 😉 if they are different than Malaysian merchandise. You have a good eye for what people might like near you, and you are a good researcher, too, so you will learn how to set prices correctly. You are so creative!!!

    sulz: singapore has lots of great things malaysia don’t have, or so i heard from friends, but the currency exchange means things are pretty expensive over there. thank you for your kind words… now i need to get off my butt and get on to the next step to make this achievable!

  7. I think it’s a good idea. But the things must be something different, you know? Because only then will people buy them. Either that or advertising or PR. Because if I see you, I would think, “Why would I want to buy something from there?”. If you can give an answer to that question, woohoo, you’re gonna be waay successful. Free clothes, please? 😛

    sulz: well, i don’t think the stuff bought from thailand would be available here, is that different enough? 😆 this idea will be taking a backseat. the freelance writing is taking up a lot of my energy when i’m not working. 😐

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