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Quickie Quizzie

Short and sweet, this one. What’s your cyborg/robot name??

Synthetic Unit Limited to Zoology

Get Your Cyborg Name

A bit strange, mine, cos I’m not much of an animal lover. I mean, I like cows. And puppies. And kittens. And dolphins. And orcas. And unicorns. And pegasus (what’s the plural of pegasus?). Yeah, I’m not like a real animal lover, you know.

Comments on: "Quickie Quizzie" (10)

  1. Haha! Yeah, it gives you your monster name and your romantic name as well! Pretty neat! 😀

    sulz: how is the name romantic??

  2. Pegasus??????

    sulz: i told you i’m not really an animal lover! 😛

  3. Pegasi? lol I hate plurals of the words ending in us.

    sulz: that sounds pretty bad! haha… and the ones ending in -um. forums or fora??

  4. Oh, and mine is this

    sulz: sabotage? your meanie streak revealed! 😛

  5. I am Artificial Machine Intended for Troubleshooting! 😐
    Is that the robotic term for ‘Agony Uncle’?

    sulz: hehe… well, i think you’d make a good one. you seem very wise in your blog already. 😀

  6. That was fun. This is me:

  7. Oh, oops. I guess all that code doesn’t work in comments. Anyway, I’m “Mechanical Unit Skilled in Exploration”. 😀

    sulz: totally apt! you do love to explore, i think, when it comes to science, philosophy, music and relationships! 🙂

  8. Pegasus doesn’t pluralise, strictly speaking, because it’s a proper noun. Pegasus was the name of a specific winged horse. Colloquially, however, “pegasi” is the correct plural.


    I’m “Biomechanical Organism Built for Battle and Yelling”, apparently. I’m not sure I want to do any battling or yelling, but I guess biomechanics sound cool!

    sulz: gosh, how did you know that?? and do you say it as peh-ger-sy? sounds totally weird, haha.

    haha yeah you seem like a pretty quiet boy. maybe just hiding that other part of you. 😉

  9. Lol, I’ve come across evil cyborg names, but you’re cute even in your cyborg name. Darn, you’re one of a kind. 😛

    sulz: aw, thanks! too bad it isn’t real lol.

  10. “Peh-ga-sy” rhyming with “eye”, I would think. I’m not sure how I knew that, other than a childhood obsession with mythical creatures. Chalk it up to nerdiness.

    sulz: sounds really weird, haha. nerds usually go on to have successful careers, i think. not a bad thing to be then maybe! 😉

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