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Lifestyle magazine called yesterday and said article looks fine, though they have not gone through it properly. Said to go ahead with the next writing assignment which they have briefed me on the first time I met them.

Gahhhhh. I hope the articles get published because I am getting anxious again! Now this feels like work. Albeit work that I am interested in pursuing still.

Question of the day: what do you think of online dating sites?? Will post my answer in another post.

Comments on: "The block’s coming back" (7)

  1. Online dating sites? Me, personally am a little scared I must admit.

    I somehow feel not so sure about talking to someone I have not met, and agreeing to meet them at a future date when I do not anything about the person apart from what they wish to tell me… i feel thats scary. I have never done that so can not say also.

    Am gonna wait for the comments to come in and your post too on this.

    sulz: you’ve got very valid reasons. i’d like to say what i think but i suppose i should do that in my post, right? which will not happen anytime soon until i get my internet fixed. 😦

  2. dont worry! it will be published.

    sulz: thanks for the vote of confidence! 🙂

  3. Online dating: worst thing ever, unless you’re looking for people with some serious social problems.

    Think of it this way: aren’t normal, well-adjusted, cool people just going to, well, be normal and be perfectly fine in finding dating prospects in the real world? Put another way: the well-adjusted aren’t going to be browsing the INTERNET looking for love (or whatever they want from dating, it doesn’t have to be love. Maybe just a good time…). They’ll find it in real life.

    Caveat emptor in all cases concerning dating, but ESPECIALLY with internet stuff.

    sulz: hmm, you’ve got a point certainly. 🙂 my, didn’t expect such a strong opinion. then again, wasn’t sure if you were gonna comment, otherwise i’d have expected then. 😉 will share my thoughts soon… hopefully!

  4. I think its a fun way to meet someone. I don’t think online dating brings any harm.

    sulz: open-minded, i like! 🙂

  5. Online dating sites sound a little weird to me. I guess they’re probably good for people who are too shy for dating in real life, but the whole concept sounds a bit odd. You’d have to meet up in real life, right? And you wouldn’t know if the person was lying about themselves or not. So it sounds a little bit sus.

    (I have no idea what I’m talking about, since I don’t know the first thing about online dating sites.)

    sulz: true, true. you don’t have to know much about online dating sites to have an opinion, i think! i will share mine in the post i promised instead of replying to yours, otherwise it’d be kinda redundant, heh.

  6. Online dating is tricky. While you can find Mr. Right there, but the possibility of finding a Mr. Wrong is just as high. It’s all about luck, and caution.

    Good luck with the article!

    sulz: sounds like real-life dating too, heh. 😛 but i agree, chances of finding weirdos are like 90% online or something. finished the article, much relief again!

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