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Sushi got the frantic phone call. Again. Sushi’s lazy. So Sushi’s fiance, Jalapeno (named as such for obvious reasons *rawr!*) decides to contribute a joke to this blog. Jalapeno should have told this joke yesterday at Sushi’s BBQ when Sulz practically begged for jokes but here you go, better late than never. Unless… it’s a bad joke. You decide. Sushi is slow so she didn’t get it quite as quickly as Jalapeno would have preferred. Meh.

Three guys want to become monks. So they go to the monastery where the head monk says in order to prove themselves worthy of becoming monks, they have to tie bells on their *old car horn* and enter a room in which a beautiful, naked lady lies.

If the bells ring, they have failed to resist temptation.

The first guy goes in and 10 seconds later, the bells ring.

The second guy goes in and 5 minutes later, the bells also ring.

The third guy then goes in.

…5 minutes pass.

…10 minutes pass.

…15 minutes pass.

The monk, who was listening from the outside hears nothing. After an hour passes, he still hears nothing and decides that the third guy has passed the test.

The monk opens the door, lets him out and shakes his hand heartily as he congratulates him on resisting his sexual desires.

Then, as the monk was still shaking the guy’s hand,

…the bells ring.


Comments on: "Jalapeno’s Slightly Overdue Joke" (7)

  1. lol 😀 I have read this one before 🙂

    sulz: well, jalapeno is slightly overdue, as the title says. 😆

  2. Just wait til you hear tomorrow’s. 😉

    sulz: the was like the lamest of all the lame jokes we heard that night man!!

  3. Still no Internet ah Sulz?

    I like the joke Sushi. 😉 Tell Jalapeno that on my behalf! LOL!

    sulz: yeah, and i had my day off from work yesterday so couldn’t err visit here hehe. 😛

  4. lovelyloey said:

    HAHAHA! I like it too!!!

    sulz: agreed! we would’ve rolled on the grass if we heard it that night!

  5. Me like this joke 🙂

    sulz: go, jalapeno!

  6. reminds me of my previous post.. 🙂

    sulz: read that. hehe. 😉

  7. Heh. Very silly. 🙂

    sulz: silly funny!

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