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Illegal blogging

As I’m doing this from work. Okay let’s try to sum up what’s the latest in my life…

1. Must say a big thanks to Sushi (and her darling Jalapeno) for helping me blog on the days I couldn’t. THANK YOUUUUUUU *HUGS*

2. The reason I couldn’t blog is ‘cos my Internet was down since Friday night. The technician has come over to my house today but I don’t know what’s wrong yet.

3. Finished my second article for lifestyle magazine. This really feels like work. I hope the cheque is coming soon! I’m meeting the publisher this Friday. I hope they’re offering me a permanent freelance thing.

4. Last Saturday went to Sushi’s BBQ-cum-engagement-party do. She is engaged to none other than Jalapeno, the secret purveyor of naughty gay jokes. I think he must have got it from the army in Italy, where he is currently stationed. Yes, he’s American! And hot! Like jalapeno, hence Sushi’s choice for a nickname I suspect.

5. Spent my day off yesterday writing the article throughout the day. It was tough doing that as I couldn’t connect to the Internet for research and Facebook distraction. I alternated between writing, playing Hearts/Solitaire, sleeping and eating.

6. Tomorrow I am going for a roadshow for my bookshop. A local secondary school is organising some book fair and have invited the bookshop. I will be going with my favourite colleague. Best part, the school is very near my house. šŸ™‚ I will be very busy tomorrow.

7. I will be quite busy today too, I think. I have to write something for tomorrow’s post. I can’t keep bothering Sushi. I don’t think she has enough jokes in store too haha.

8. I finally got my own computer and table. Feels kinda lonely ‘cos I’m not outside at the store front where my colleagues are, but I get to concentrate better and there are speakers! I can watch YouTube. If I dare. šŸ˜›

9. I found out my colleagues knew how much I’m being paid for my job. As expected, I don’t think they reacted neutrally to that.

10. Oh man, I have to write something for Thursday today too as that is also my day off. Gah, very very inopportune time to blog every day! And I had to choose the month that had the most days lah. *headdesk*

Comments on: "Illegal blogging" (6)

  1. Sounds like you been busy! Sorry I have not been around much but lately I have been ignoring the Internet and my blog and concentrating on personal issues at home.

    I am not excited with the changes in the wordpress emoticons! šŸ˜¦

    sulz: i have been and i am still! i understand, i hope your personal issues at home are getting better if not resolved.

    and yeah agree! they look lifeless and fake.

  2. you are pretty busy now.. so.. permanent freelansing..? doesn’t it sound a bit odd..?

    congrats to Sushi & her love.. šŸ™‚

    youtube.. hmm.. now that your colleagues are going to be more jealous about.. šŸ™‚

    sulz: well, anything to allow me to earn more money while i can! though i wonder if i’m able to cope with the workload.

    i won’t dare! they might tell on me. tricky enough to keep blogging at work a secret.

  3. hey !

    sry I hvnt been keeping up with the blog šŸ˜›

    but so tht ure lovin the wrk! (and illegally blogging)


    sulz: life beckons you huh? yeah i like my work. šŸ™‚

  4. Sound like you are super busy but then it must be fun about going to the school from the book shop. I bet they will all have so many questions about which books are available and all that.

    But think that will be a great change from the office routine, and change is always lovely.

    sulz: yeah, i’m looking forward to the change of routine for today. i’m hoping we’d sell a lot of books – i chose most of the titles we’re bringing over there. wish me luck! šŸ™‚

  5. Yes! cant let Sushi blog on your behalf. That is against the spirit of the mission.

    sulz: oh yeah that too. šŸ˜› damn, now maybe i wish my modem wasn’t fixed so quickly!

  6. Illegal blogging?! Dan dan daaa!

    Pain about the Internet. It did choose the most awkward time, didn’t it?

    sulz: heh, not like this is the first time. i used to blog quite often with the old job as well, haha. yes it certainly did! šŸ˜¦ i’m not sure now if i fulfilled the nablopomo requirements.

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