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So, right. Online dating and what do I think about it.

1. I somewhat think online dating sites are lame and for desperate people.

2. However, I know this is NOT true as I have had heard stories of how people met their loved ones in such places. For instance, Sushi and Jalapeno!

3. So if my dear friend Sushi can find love online, how is that lame and desperate? You have seen their picture in the last post, aren’t they like fucking hot or not??

4. By the way, they met each other on a site called

5. Speaking from personal experience, I have done online dating twice. Once in my teens and once just only last year, with a former reader of this blog no less.

6. I have also tried some online dating sites rather unsuccessfully.

7. Conversation is very forced and stilted. Very difficult to make my profile look appealing without looking sleazy. Very weird to ‘market’ myself like that.

8. End up quitting these sites less than a month after joining. It just makes me cringe, and seems to perpetuate the belief that I am incapable of looking for love the normal way because I am fat and unattractive in the generic sense. Which could be true, but I do not want my participation in online dating sites to be seen as an implication of this. I would do online dating sites if I don’t cringe at myself, because it does seem fun and convenient.

9. So, in a nutshell, I am fascinated and afraid of online dating sites.

10. But if a male online persona comes hitting on me on cyberspace, I might not say no. 😳

And that concludes my personal opinion on general issues. Kinda lame, sorry – am too worried about playing hooky to blog this at work to write my thoughts in a presentable manner!

Comments on: "What I think of online dating sites" (7)

  1. To me, online dating sites would be pretty much the same than any other dating facilities. Equivalent to meet someone for the first time and say “hey, lets date”.

    People keep having this idea that those who meet online must be scary, fugly people who only lie about themselves, well, what do you think “real life” people you meet do? they all lie!

    or not…

    but the internet has nothing to do with it. People who say that are often referring about appearance, as you can immediately see how someone looks in person. Apart from that, lying online and lying in person is exactly the same. So if appearances matter too much for you, you may feel really strange when considering someone you know online as a romantic potential.

    Now, personally, I wouldn’t go into online dating sites. But I just don’t like to date. With my type of personality, I would never feel comfortable dating someone I’ve only met once, online or offline. I’m just not a dating kind of person. For me, the process would have to go like this.

    -Meet person (online or offline)
    -Realize we are compatible enough to keep talking on a regular basis.
    -Become friends
    -Realize we are compatible enough to be friends.
    -Be friends. No romantic pressure whatsoever.
    -Friends can develop romantic feelings… or not.

    I’m aware this is not very effective. But getting to the end point is not important. I guess I’m not interested in wasting my time with someone I don’t trust. I’d rather be alone. I’m not scared of being alone either.

    So in short, to me online dating is just a facility to get people into dating. No different from any other. The internet is just another media of communication that people use. It is no longer that place where only “shy scary people” spend their lives instead of socializing.

    sulz: the two experiences i had from online dating blossomed into attraction from friendship as well. which was why i didn’t mind it as much as my experiences with online dating sites, i guess!

    i’m quite afraid of being alone. i’m trying to accept the possibility that i might be so.

    you reminded me of the time when i wrote that internet dating is no different than the conventional sort. 🙂 quite true! but that depends on how one chooses to view it, of course.

  2. online dating.. it could go both ways as you have said..

    but i would never be able to try it.. just can’t trust anyone i can’t see..

    sulz: to be honest, what i like about online dating was the fantasy! which is exactly the reason why i shouldn’t go for it. 😆

  3. I have never used it but it cannot be any worse than barhopping. My personal favorite -strip clubs- while they make for temporary hookups, are not any better. As much as I hate to say it the best ways are still the old ways – which are:
    *blind dates setup through friends, family and coworkers
    *Joining clubs, churches or other organizations where there is social interaction
    *Work -though that can also be a disaster in the making

    sulz: haha, i never thought of you getting hooked up by going to bars and strip clubs. 😀 blind dates?? are you sure? yeah, many people met their significant others at churches or workplaces. as for chance, well, still waiting for mine? 😆

  4. Whats the harm in trying? (Unless you meet a serial killer who is making a dress from the skin of all the women he dates!)

    sulz: you just put me off trying with that vivid description! 😆

  5. I guess it works for some people, and not for others. Like a lot of things in the world, really.

    Sorry, that’s a lazy comment on such a thoughtful post, but I don’t really have any more thoughts on this issue myself. I think my attitude is much the same of yours, only less “fascinated and afraid” and more “slightly weirded out”.

    sulz: don’t worry about it, i didn’t put much effort myself as one can tell… haha!

  6. Well to comment on those tags.
    As a dating expert and someone who is in the niche for more than 5 years I see it as an extention of normaln dating life.
    In the past I used to be pretty lonely guy or should I say averige joe.
    Had couple of friends, every once in a while there was a girl in my life, who dumped me and screw my life for next couple of months,and we were back on the track again.
    THan I found this dating community and began my transformation.
    I have more than 10.000 approchaes under my belt and at age of 26 have done my fair of share of dates.
    I see dating sites as an extention of dating for those who are good at it, or just another way to spread your circle of friends/girls.
    Some guys are busy, some are shy, and the only way they could menage to initiate conversation is thru sites like that.
    Its much much easier than walking to some girl and say Hi.
    At least before you do first 100 approaches :).
    There is nothing wrong with it.
    Our world is changing.
    Now we hace internet all over the place, we have mobile phones with internet access,and tempo of life is enormasly fast, so I guess thats just another part of human evolution.

    You may check out my other thinkings and advices at my blog at



  7. Since you were talking about online dating I thought you might like this CNN article link. Enjoy! 😉

    sulz: haha good read, thanks! i wouldn’t making friends if i ever made an attempt at online dating, but not those casual ones.

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