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I’ve just replied the last comment to my recent post pondering about happiness and it got me thinking a bit more.

It’s no secret that I’ve been on and off happy and sad ever since I’ve started working. Well, it’s not like it’s all happy happy when I was in college, but I feel my moods drastically alternate between one end and the other more frequently and more intensely. I have a love-hate relationship with my new life.

It struck me that my life the past year has been very unbalanced. From thoroughly enjoying being a student to adjusting being a worker, the transition has not been smooth-flowing and till now I’m not sure if I feel like a proper worker. The door to studenthood seems closed to me, for personal and financial reasons, yet I’m not embracing the workerhood.

I like this job best out of all the three I’ve done, and feel confident of doing a good job. But to spend 48 hours a week at work, even if it’s something I enjoy doing… it leaves little time for other things that I also enjoy doing, like reading and Facebooking and taking it easy.

The office politics at the bookshop leaves much to be desired as well. Indeed, office politics occur everywhere simply because that’s what happens when you have different personalities working together and are predominantly female. There’s only so much control you can have over such a situation and what you can’t control you can’t do anything about it. You can go ahead and let your work speak for itself, but at the same time you’re human and prone to errors, and that’s what makes me worried in regards to office politics.

So what would be a more balanced life for me? A little less working hours, less office politics, a bit more flexible working schedule, much more of a social life… Maybe that could happen once I’m confirmed at this job. Cross fingers.

On my part, I should worry a whole lot less, be less sensitive, be a bit more upfront, be more careful…

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  1. Hey, you!
    Well, I know from experience that working in a male-dominated place has just as much office politics going on, so you wouldn’t escape it that way—but might have more dating prospects! :mrgreen:
    Seriously, I think your post title says it all, and it looks like you have made great strides in considering how to implement balance in your life. I like your last two paragraphs!
    Once you are confirmed, and all settled down, you may be able to take some classes, too. For me, education is ongoing; I always have to be learning something! You have many creative ideas, and I’m just so pleased you are able to do the writing, while planning your import business for when you have the time—or should I say, balance!

    sulz: hey yourself! 🙂 huh, is it?? in my previous workplace i didn’t feel as much office politics after the two girls who dislike me left the place. if that’s the case, i don’t think dating prospects would be useful since i’d be embroiled in more dramatic office politics! 😮

    if blogging has taught me anything, it is that almost everything is easier said than done! so let’s see if i can go about accomplishing what i’ve said…

  2. Enjoy your workplace as much as possible- but do not allow it to suck your life into a whirlpool of work-work-work and no play. Too many people try and make the workplace their life. Real life and real happiness is found at home and in interaction with friends and family with just enough alone time for personal reflection.

    sulz: that’s what i’ve come to realised, hence wanting a bit less working hours.

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    hope to learn more from your blog soon

  4. thanks for sharring your tips and tricks

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