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After posting yesterday, I felt I sound too melancholic for what should be a good thing. Going back to blogging means I’m getting in touch with friends I used to interact with through this platform and also getting in touch with myself.

I wanted to write about the gloriously exciting shenanigans I have been up to the past month. (Which is to say I didn’t go out and change the world. I did buy too many T-shirts for my own good though.)

But this morning, I turned on the computer to realise several hard drives have been wiped out. I had suspected something was wrong when I couldn’t copy some mp3’s to bring to work (where the computer speakers are actually working unlike this old hag). I was running late and I figured I’ll use today, my rare day off, to figure out what’s actually wrong.

Too late. The hard drive where I store the really important things are completely gone. All the camwhoring pictures (the nice ones, mind you), vacation pictures, daytrip pictures, college assignments, pretty pictures, CSS codes, bookish stuff, my book log (of all the books I’ve read since 16). All gone.

I guess I should be grateful that pictures of me, ugly and otherwise, are around Facebook, ‘cos they’re the only pictures I have now. And that I never got around to deleting some pictures from my e-mail.

(Strangely enough, when I re-installed Firefox, which was gone as it was located in one of the missing hard drives, none of my bookmarks are missing.)

Ah, life.

Comments on: "Sigh" (4)

  1. oh dear.. don’t you have a CD backup..?

    how can the hard drive disappear..?

    sulz: nope. used to diligently back up every few months, until work happened. viruses, must be. and it’s really time to get a new computer anyway.

  2. I guess you learned your lesson, huh? No more skipping backups. I know there are ways to set up redundancy on several hard drives so that all of them keep the same files, and when one buys it, the rest are there to save the day. Never really looked into the concept but I probably will when this happens to me.

    Also, Firefox stores its bookmarks on your primary, inside your user folder. So if you’re on Windows it’s on C: by default. That’s why they didn’t vanish. They’re stored in a file called places.sqlite if you ever want to save them between system wipes.

    Sincere condolences for your lost files,
    random passer-by

    sulz: to be honest i haven’t. i will tell myself i will back up properly next time and lapse back into this procrastination of backing up again. however, i have learnt that because i’m so lazy to back up i should never delete any e-mails containing pictures. in fact i should upload all the stuff i want to keep in my inbox! now that i am so aware now. 🙂

    right. thank you for the condolences. i hope you’d pass by again.

  3. OMG!!! what happened? virus attack? I always keep backups in dvd! I would suffer a heart attack if this happens to me.

    sulz: probably. i’m over losing all my files which were kept more for nostalgic reasons than truly important purposes. if it happened to my work computer, now that would be disastrous!

  4. Oh no! I hope you are doing fine. This is no good. Huge lessons to learn here. I need to do a backup as well 😉

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