blogging gobbledygook and such


hi *whispers*

are you there?

if you’re not it’s okay.

i’ve left this place for so long i daren’t speak too loud because of the silence.

i just want to let you know that i’m back.

yes, i’ve decided to come back and resume blogging here.

this place is a real mess, isn’t it? i see strangers leaving comments that i don’t reply to. the old sulz would have replied each and every one, wouldn’t she?

this place doesn’t feel like it’s mine.

but i’m going to change that.

so anyway, hello. *still whispering*

Comments on: "(hello)" (15)

  1. Welcome back.

  2. No need to whisper, or feel apologetic. This is your space and you can be what you want to be. You can take up reins of the blog whenever you feel like. Blogging as we all say is for pleasure and no obligation that you should feel guilty about.

    Blog away freely, and welcome back!


    • hey poonam! i feel spoiled, this post is not even one hour old and it’s received comments already. almost like the old times.

      thanks, i’d like to, as you put it, take up the reins more frequently from now on. 😀

  3. welcome back!!

  4. Sue Ling said:


  5. Good to see you back. 🙂

  6. Hello, welcome back.

  7. I’d say welcome back just like everyone else but that’s boring so instead I’ll say…

    “Too-wit too-whoo”


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