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roll call

nessa’s comment prompted me to write this. (i’m not writing to just you though, nessa! 🙂 )

before, my blogroll acted like a list of friends. my blogroll used to say, “here are my list of friends. visit their blogs, please!”

now that i’m starting over, i’m not really sure what it says anymore. i’ve weeded out inactive blogs, even though some i still call friends and do keep in touch with. some are inactive and have not been in touch with them since my hiatus. some are active in their corners of the world but i don’t know if they remember me. on the list are mostly blog friends i am in touch with and are still actively blogging. there are a couple of links there of people that i used to be friends with but we haven’t kept in touch for quite a while but they’re active on the blogging scene. i don’t know why i don’t remove them since i’m not sure what the status of our friendship.

that’s a dilemma for me when it comes to my friends list on facebook. i want my facebook friends list to be made up of people i am in close contact with, because if i am keeping in touch with these people, then i am interested to know more about them. their activities on facebook to some extent helps me do so.

my friends list is made up of old friends, friends made in passing (such as the time i went to macau), friends made through blogging, networking contacts (customers i got to know from the bookshop), ex-schoolmates and college mates, and some random people i got to know while playing the apps on facebook.

the list i find questionable is the ex-schoolmates/college mates list. i stay in touch with very few of them; the ones that i don’t actually need facebook to know what’s going on in their lives. then there are those whose only thread of connection to me now is that we’re friends on facebook.

do i keep these group of people? i’ve been tempted many times to delete them. i like to believe there’s a reason why we don’t keep in touch – there’s nothing in common anymore. then i’m afraid if i might offend them by doing that. if we do not share the same circle of friends, i would not feel that way. and there’s also the point that i might run into them some day in some way, or need their help. (clearly, i’m not much into networking.)

there are people who i am certain i can call friends. but these are the ones i don’t know what to call them.

as for my blogroll, it is still in transition. you don’t have to be in my blogroll for me to call you friend, though. 🙂

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  1. I’m glad you provided your friends an explanation as to why some stayed and others removed from your blogroll. I suppose if it were me in Nessa’s shoes, I’d feel mildly confused about it too. So, thanks! 🙂 I appreciate it truly.

  2. It’s so strange when our social networking sites start determining who our friends are. Questions like “I’m in your Orkut list but not in your Facebook, while she is there in both…why is that?” and “Have you deleted me from your buddy list in Twitter!?” makes us wonder why people consider it important to be in ‘lists’; and these people may be ones we talk to even on an everyday basis! 😀

    I guess friendship is from the heart…and not something that can be put up in lists.

    • you summed up my sentiments exactly. i rarely add people on facebook, and if they don’t wish to add me on facebook, that’s fair too. i know if you are my friend by how often/meaningful we communicate with each other. 🙂

  3. Hi I am your fan sluz. I red all your posts. Its quit different. I am really Happy for you being here again. Keep rocking….

  4. We are forgetting our offline lives because of the online ones. And that is what ticks me off.
    I have seen people refering to their online acquaintances as friends!! That is complete bullshit! You can’t degrade the term ‘friend’ like that. Friendship is something else.

    • lol, so i guess we aren’t friends huh? but i think i get what you mean. there are lots of different types of friends and acquaintances. sometimes we use the term ‘friend’ so casually, the way we say ‘i love you’ too. for some people, a friend is a friend, online or offline.

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