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april seems to be a good month. leaving my previous job got me some pretty nifty book vouchers from my ex-colleagues, for starters! okay, if i could rearrange my circumstances i rather not leave right now but opportunities don’t come knocking twice, especially the good ones, so i had to take the chance.

i received vouchers worth rm20 each from 4 major bookstores in the city, namely mph, times, kinokuniya and borders. rm20 can barely buy you a mass paperback copy (that would cost about rm32.90) but am not complaining! i’m a book sale junkie so it’s been a long time since i’ve bought books at retail price. with them i managed to buy some books which i doubt i could find at book sales no matter how hard i hunt.

at kinokuniya i bought a roald dahl book, the vicar of nibbleswicke. totally hilarious, i highly recommend it! this slim book costs rm26.00, which is quite ridiculous. with the voucher, technically i paid rm6.00 for the book. πŸ˜€

at times and mph, i bought two books by ann brashares to complete my traveling pants series, which is one of the most enjoyable young adult series i’ve read. they made it into a movie, if you’re interested to know what’s the book about without reading all four books. πŸ˜‰ the stars are pretty famous too – alexis bledel (of gilmore girls fame, only my absolute favourite tv series of all time!), blake lively (of gossip girl fame), america ferrera (of ugly betty fame, another tv series I love) and amber tamblyn (i’m sure she’s from some famous tv series or something).

i only have the borders book voucher left now. visited the bookstore early this week but didn’t find a book that i want. instead, i bought their cloth bag for rm9.90. i’m saving the voucher for a book that i want for my next visit.

that’s not all the vouchers i received. last week, i submitted a picture of myself to a facebook fan page of a restaurant i love to frequent. it was a shot of me with my mouth wide open like a hippopotamus and holding a fork like one would hold a spear. i was about to attack the scrumptious pavlova they serve there! and surprise, they decided to reward me for my photo with a dessert voucher. they notified me last weekend and the voucher was promptly delivered two days later. this is definitely my favourite restaurant ever. sometimes the service can be a bit off, but the food is fantastic and the price reasonable.

okay, that’s all the voucher news from this voucher vulture. i’m not that lucky! πŸ˜›

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  1. Oh yes you are… thaaaat lucky !

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