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and boy was it a rough week. i expected that really but that doesn’t make it less rough. i survived it so that means it’s not all that unbearable. i could handle what was dished out, but whether i handled it well is a different question altogether.

i would like to give details on how my first week at my new job went, but if you noticed i have protected my tweets, simply because i do not want new colleagues or bosses stumbling upon rather personal tweets about work. (i log into my twitter from work but not the blog, so this place will be quite quiet.) and i want to keep this blog public still, so i won’t delve too much information here, i’m afraid. if you want to follow my twitter feed, just send me a request and let me know you were directed there from here!

(on a side note, i have now found the best of both worlds when it comes to revealing personal information online. i will be giving out all the juicy details on my twitter but here i will be vague and concentrate on intrapersonal stuff.)

okay, rough summary of the first week at work: ROUGH. there you go.

i’m so out of my element here. if there’s anything to be grateful for, it’s that i’m not the only clueless newbie. i have someone to go lunch with. i have someone to moan to when i freak out. i guess that’s a pretty big plus point when you’re put in a situation like mine.

i’m not giving up, of course. i just have to ride this out and hopefully adjust to the new environment quick. i’ve already told myself that i’m committing to this job and despite the stressful situations i’ve been through i do not feel like throwing in the towel. because there are a lot of carrots dangling in front of me to get me to win this bunny race.

and i will give it my best shot!

wish me luck for week two. days off now are not just days off, they are like a lifesaver’s jacket for a drowning person who can’t swim.

Comments on: "the first week is almost over." (3)

  1. Good luck…
    i don’t tweet.. so I do not really follow anyone there also 😦

  2. Oh! This is WAY too vague 😀 I don’t tweet. So, guess I’ll never got to know 😀 Hey! You can password protect posts as well…do that and give us non-tweeters the password 😀

    Anyways…good luck for a whole lot of weeks to come 🙂

  3. a year before, i did not feel twitter was relevant to me since i have this blog. and now i am tweeting away like there’s no tomorrow! give it a try, it may just grow on you. 🙂

    i might occasionally resume password-protecting if i feel the need to be really personal here. don’t worry you’ll both get it from me via your e-mails. 😉

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