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roller coaster ride.

the kind with a heart-stopping triple loop and might be called “thunder terror” or something equally exciting (not).

the second week into my new job and there are lots of highs and lows.

HIGH: got my first byline ever on monday. i found the story by pure luck (thanks to a contact who introduced me to the person i wrote my human interest article about). the high was pretty high. i did not expect it to be place on page 3 (which is the next best page after the first page of course) and i was initially flipping the back pages, wondering where the heck was my article. excitedly told everybody about it until colleagues told me it’s customary for reporters to treat colleagues when they get their first byline. eep.

HIGH: had a taste of the perks journalists usually enjoy. attended my first press conference and got a free buffet lunch after at a posh hotel. awesome.

LOW: drove my car into a cement divider in the parking lot of the office. definitely not one of my proudest moments in life. mortifying on the scale of 8 out of 10 perhaps? i mean, what kind of idiot drives into a foot high cement divider? thankfully, security helped me to get it out (i couldn’t even reverse the car because it was stuck). sigh, i still feel mortified as i write about this. it’s supposed to be one of those incidents where you feel embarrassed about right now but will laugh at in a few years’ time, right? please tell me that’s true.

HIGH: got my second byline. on page 3 again, albeit with a senior. getting the story was kinda funny because we needed to find a patient in the hospital and the staff were aware the press might come bothering. so i pretended to be the patient’s friend in order to find out which ward he was in. the part i find funny is that the nurse asked me if i was a reporter and i answered without hesitation that i’m not. it was so natural for me to say that because i do truly feel like i am not one. (even though the senior told me i have the makings to be one.)

LOW: for the first time, a story i wrote did not make it into next day’s paper. i’m not taking it personally but it is kind of a bad thing when this happens, right? i don’t intend for this to happen again. i only have one month, after all.

all these happened this week within four days. it is my day off today. am i glad for a breather and a mundane day after all this excitement? you bet!

right now i am in that phase where i dread work and i feel like i’m in limbo because i haven’t quite fit in yet. and i am horribly broke from driving around town for my assignments.

may the month of may go by at breakneck speed. for the sake of my sanity.

Comments on: "roller coaster ride." (4)

  1. hehe…pretty exciting i say!
    And lol at the divider. my friend learnt driving, bought a vehicle and drove into a median the first day and told me “who the heck put up a median right thr beats me!!” 😀

    So, this is why i said in a prev comment, good luck for many many weeks to come !! 😉

  2. You are back! Yippie 😀 And glad your career is on a high note! My cousin is a journalist for RTM 🙂

  3. Cool about your bylines…and omg!! you lied!! saying you are not a reporter!! Shame on you!! tsk tsk!! 😀 lol!
    Well, when I first started driving…ages ago, I almost rammed my car with my mum sitting next to me into a truck carrying steel rods for construction! I remember I stopped the car at the kerb, and sobbed!!! Mum was great…she just said calm down, concentrate and drive! My friend said had she been there, she would have freaked out… Guess all of us would have stories of driving disasters 🙂

  4. haha, thanks scorpria. i think for the most part luck was on my side. the tasks i was given were nothing i can’t handle but they were challenging all the same!

    i’m not sure if i’m on a high note, kiran. at the bookshop i was a mid-sized prawn, at the paper i’m just a tiny shrimp! haha.

    i have to train as a reporter for a month, apar, so technically i’m not really one. i don’t think i’m cut out to be one after this experience, not that i didn’t already suspect!

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