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since i’ve started this new job, most of my new colleagues love to throw this question: what made you decide to join this organisation? or why do you want to be a sub?

and every time they ask me that, i don’t quite know how to answer it.

i did not choose this job because i have a passion for journalism. i like to write but that is not the same as being passionate about journalism. i did not choose this job because of the pay. i am taking a pay cut and people have told me the organisation does not pay much compared to others.

i chose this job because i want stability. i want to commit to something that does not take the life out of me. i chose this job because i want to learn and gain experience that will be useful elsewhere when the time comes. i chose this job because, admittedly, working in the media sounds better than saying i am working in a bookshop. it’s wrong to be elitist like this but i am being honest.

(i loved the job i did at the bookshop. i love the people and making friends with some of the customers. i felt what i did made a significant contribution to the bookshop. but when people i know see me working behind the till at the bookshop, i feel a twinge of awkwardness. they are probably thinking, “she studied at university, right? why is she doing retail?” it should not bother me but it does nonetheless.)

of course, this is not the answer i give them. my answer is invariably about something i’m interested in doing and liking the hours.

it all feels like the wrong answer any way i say it.

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  1. I guess, unless it’s asked at maybe a review meeting with a boss or at your appraisal time, you could probably say with a twinkle in your eyes “oh. it’s my secret. and i wish to keep it. no one’ll understand”. You don’t really need to answer at all!

    Because, finally, no one WILL understand! it’s something that’s in your mind…and you shouldn’t probably feel there’s a need to give them a proper answer…or to justify yourselves. As for the awkwardness, again, I personally feel what others think of us is not our problem at all. If you love what you do and are’nt doing anyone any harm, then there’s no reason you should justify or explain or bother about another person’s though 🙂

    • hmm i’m quite taken by your answer. i will console myself with your words the next time someone asks me that question. until i am confirmed i will probably get it every now and then!

  2. I don’t think you are elitist. We all just have different comfort levels. A fellow blogger friend of ours is university educated and worked in (oddly enough!) journalism for years. Now he runs a farm and spends his days up to his knees in pig and chicken poo, and he’s never been happier. The image we feel we are projecting is us reflecting back to us, so your honesty is refreshing. {end of lecture}

    • you’re right, on some level i was not comfortable having retail responsibilities at the bookshop because i felt i could do more than that. some people may not understand that and think i am being uppity. on the other hand, at my new job i am constantly asked to do menial tasks but i am more than happy to do them because at this stage i feel comfortable doing them.

  3. Aiyaaa… no need to bother find the perfect answer for other people la… paling penting you like what you’re doing… and you’re happy. Don’t let such questions bog you down & make you start thinking if you’re doing the right thing or not… Hakuna Matata! Continue your fire & passion for your job. Always look forward to experience something new & cross fingers you met more awesome & nice people! Smile & be happy okay sayang?

    • thanks, girl… i am not upset by the people asking me this question but rather i am troubled that i cannot explain why. maybe i don’t have an answer now but i might some day.

  4. I once tried to work for a newspaper as a cultural reporter – I studied both fine arts and photojournalism. But I didn’t last long because they never said what jobs I have to do. The pay didn’t bother me much, but not knowing what I am required to do was embarrassing. My classmates (in photojournalism) are all photo reporters now. Only I am left out. Why? Cos at the end of the day I didn’t like being one.

    If you love your job, hang on to it, cos it’s not easy to find one that you like!

    (People don’t seem to unserstand no matter what the answer is and that doesn’t bother me anymore.)

    psst: It’s good to see that you are still blogging. I have started blogging again after a long gap. Maybe you can come over to my blog and see how I am doing!

    • hmm, i don’t know if i love mine yet – still at that stage where i don’t know what to do most of the time. i still have a lot to learn.

      yes, i visited your blog recently. will be popping by every now and then. 🙂

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