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my car nearly overheated. again. so i am now marooned on a very noisy island amid the sea of traffic jam, said noisy island being a fast food joint. ate, read, peed, so now nothing left to do but experiment. so i am trying to blog from my mobile. if you can read this it means i can.

not in a good mood now so i shall stop here. on the other hand my days as a reporter shall be over soon and i can’t wait for that to happen.

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Comments on: "stuck" (6)

  1. All well now?

  2. I read… mobile blogging works!

    Got the car fixed?

  3. yeah got the car fixed again a few days ago. i was really miffed because i sent the car for repair for the same problem a couple of weeks ago.

    but now i found another way to occupy me when i am waiting outside!

  4. What’s happening to your reporting career?

  5. Lee. Tempest said:

    Wow! I just finished my college studies šŸ˜€ Hooray for the both of us *does the happy dance*

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