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I am right now lying in my bed and typing this blog post on my mobile phone. I could use the computer downstairs, which would typing quicker and easier, but i am not. Why? I am not sure. Even though i have a tab in my browser that is opened to this blog, i have no desire to log in. And if i do, i would probably read what is on blog surfer before logging out eventually.

Why do i not feel like blogging? That i have to resort to doing it from my mobile, simply because it seems less like so?

(by the way, the lack of updates recently was because i am expecting a piece of news first but the news has not arrived. Then i thought of the idea for this post.)

and it is not just blogging either. There are many things i am neglecting at the moment. It is not like i am swamped with work. Now i only work 8 hours a day, so i generally have more time than i did with my previous job.

I am neglecting those things, yet i keep coming back to the same activities, like reading, Facebooking and online window shopping. Reading is fine, that is the one indulgence i approve. Facebooking is like mental junk food – nice to have but not nutritious in large doses. I think i spent about 8 hours on average a day, since i can access it from work too. Gah, now that i have put that thought into words it does seem ridiculous, doesn’t it? And online shopping… Maybe 3 hours a day. Gak!

Sigh. What motivates me to do all these ‘junk food’ activities? I need to do more ‘oatmeal’ kinds. Like writing that damn story, or losing that paunch, or clearing my closet and books.

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  1. Enough is enough buddy.

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