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a change is gonna come

from three or four blog posts a week to once a month. i’m really not sulz anymore, am i? lol.

something happened recently that i felt like i ought to write it down here. something life-changing…

i disconnected my internet connection at home.

did anyone gasp? never mind, i shall do the honours.


yes, you might be asking – why?

my ten-year-old computer finally broke down. to be exact, the monitor conked out – everything else still works fine. well, everything that’s necessary to connect me to the net anyway. i’ve stopped saving files long ago since the d drive crashed. but i figured it’s time to get a nifty laptop rather than replace the monitor.

however, i decided not to get a laptop just yet because i want to take my time to shop around for a good deal. besides, i can do almost everything i want to do online at the office. i can go to facebook, do online shopping, chat, visit most sites… except play facebook games and surf porn. 😦 kidding about the latter!

so, with that, i decided to quit the facebook games i play cold turkey. it’s a pretty big step for me ‘cos i play them about an hour at least every day without fail. but i think it’s time to move on from this phase.

since i can get my internet fix from the office and i am subscribing to mobile internet, i figured i don’t really need broadband at home right now. i find myself quite restless these days as i suffer from withdrawal symptoms but i’ve been keeping myself occupied with dvds and books and friends.

also, i’m most likely getting a new car by the end of the year, hopefully. yes, another big change!

my current car – which some faithful readers and personal friends might have seen – was good when it was working fine. these days, it’s pretty much on its last breath. the radiator is shot so i can’t leave the car idle for too long, otherwise it will overheat. which means i cannot afford to get stuck in traffic jams! and traffic congestion is pretty much expected in any city in the world so it’s getting quite ridiculous, the way i drive like a maniac sometimes to make sure i reach the office before the car overheats. i’m guilty of using the emergency lanes to cut the slow-moving traffic because of this problem.

i haven’t actually done anything to make my laptop and car purchases yet but i will get the ball rolling soon… as soon as i return from my vacation. yeap, i’m going on vacation next weekend and i’m looking forward to it.

when i come back, i might just tell you more about it. 😉

Comments on: "a change is gonna come" (4)

  1. Oh my! Laptop…car…and vacation! you’ve got just too many exciting things going on!!!!!!!!!!!
    have fun!!!

    where you off to? awaiting pics 😉

    as for the cold turkey game “switch off”; i’ve done it too. I was a farmville maniac…and i went so overboard tht i HAD to stop it in the blink of an eye. n thts what i did! that’s th only way it’ll work 😀

  2. i’m most likely getting a new car by the end of the year

  3. Wahoo!!! Some exciting news Sulz! Laptop, car and vacation.. All good stuff 🙂 Come back recharged and renewed for 2011 🙂 Good luck dear!

  4. Sounds like you are having fun with your offline life. Who needs internet at home then? :p

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