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Enjoying what i’ve got

Time for another monthly update.

Went on my vacation to bali, had a blast and some regrets (all of them shopping related), came back and had a good long rest and now back to the daily grind.

Except that it’s not really a grind to me. 🙂

my life these days is pretty simple. When working, i work and fulfil my computer needs there – facebook, e-mail, online shopping, reading subscribed feeds.

When not working, i read, watch a whole lot of dvds (now that i discovered a video rental store near my home), play with the kids, dinner or movie with close friends.

That’s all there is to my life at the moment. Before, my life was almost the same like this but i somehow never felt contented. I wished i had a boyfriend, i wished i had more money, i wished i had more friends…

Okay, not that i don’t want all those now – of course i do, it’s natural – but i don’t brood about how i don’t have them as much now. Last time, i felt like i wasn’t good enough a person to deserve such things. I don’t feel i am any better off now, but i think i am finally accepting my situation and that it’s okay if i don’t have all these.

I’m happy with a lot of things in my life now. I like my job. It doesn’t pay much now, but it will the longer i stay. Meanwhile i just need to be better at my budgeting. I like my colleagues, they can be pretty fun to be around with.

Since i don’t have that much money, my small circle of friends suits my budget just fine. Can you imagine how much more it could cost if i had a bigger social circle? And it makes me appreciate them more, since i have so few.

And now i am this close to selling my soul to the devil with my decision to purchase a new car. The thought of taking such a huge loan scares me! I’m not even finished with paying off my study loan. But i figured it out… I could afford the car loan but it will make saving for my next vacation a little bit harder.

Anyway, i am looking forward to the day i can stop worrying about driving through a traffic jam. And i like the idea of owning my own car. Think of all the stuff i could put there. I’m gonna put most of my shoes in the boot, have a couple of pillows. I love to nest!

It’s just rare that i feel contented like i do now, i feel i had to put this feeling down in words.

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Comments on: "Enjoying what i’ve got" (4)

  1. Why’s there so much lament? And contentedness too at the same time, which is good! 🙂
    Stay happy!

    • lol, i didn’t notice the laments when i wrote that! they were all thought of in a good way. well, maybe not the heavy car loan i’m going to take, but at the same time i’m looking forward to driving a brand new car!

      i’ll try to. 😉

  2. You are not the “old” suz,lol, but you are the “now” sulz. This sounds like you are contented and balanced. That is a good place to be. The other things come along, I think, when we are not “wanting” them so much.
    And congratulations on the car! 🙂

    • ah, i’m sure something will come along and put me in my usual unsatisfied place. 😆 thanks – driving has never been more pleasurable!

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