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looking back in retrospect

made some big purchases this year. new mobile phone, trip to bali, my sweet ride. (i call her pearl, by the way. pretty obvious reason if you think about it for, like, two seconds.)

added the car loan on top of the study loan. i’m making a vow now not to take on any other kind of loan until i settle one of them.

changed jobs, again – hopefully for the last time in a while. i’m into the seventh month with the current job but this time, no cold feet itching to run away again. with all the loans i have, that’s good to know! as in previous posts, i cannot say enough about how much there is to like about this job. i’ll recap: great hours, paid overtime, good colleagues, tonnes to learn, lots of benefits. it took me three jobs to land this one, so i’m definitely holding on tight to it.

lost some friends, gained some friends, kept some friends. the ones i’ve lost are like books which i’ve returned to the library, gone and were never mine to begin with, because if i really wanted them i’d have gone to the bookstore to get a copy, know what i mean? not that i’m relating friendship with books one can buy from a shop. the ones in my life now, i am glad for and will try my best to keep them in my shelf of friends.

lost a couple of old junks – the ten-year-old hand-me-down computer and the fifteen-year-old family car. because i used most of my savings to put a downpayment for the car, i decided a laptop is not on the list of priorities now so i pulled the plug off the broadband subscription. save for the mobile, i am internet-less at home and to compensate i’ve been watching lots of dvds. buffy the vampire slayer, angel, sex and the city, bones, ugly betty. as a result…

i’m packing on the pounds! an eight-to-ten-hour desk job plus dvds is the perfect recipe to weight gain. i never realised how much the bookshop job made me do physically until i left it. while i knew at the back of my mind that it was more exerting physically than the usual desk job, it never felt like it was keeping me fit because i still felt that i was fat! then again, i always feel fat and then when i look back at older pictures i realised i was thinner then (but not thin) and wish i was that ‘thin’ again! the evil cycle of fat.

i have not been reading as much as i would like of late, thanks to those darn addictive dvds. it’s getting hard for me to find good, gripping reads. when i reread some books from my bookshelves, i found them far less than enjoyable than i remembered. thankfully, there were a few which i loved reading as i did the first time and some even more.

had a fabulous trip to bali. though i wanted to go to hong kong, no regrets about visiting bali. well, okay, i had a lot of regrets – shopping wise! wished i bought more stuff and wished i had thought of starting my christmas shopping there. but travelling makes me realise how much of the world out there i have yet to see and this makes me motivated to earn more money so i can visit all those exotic spots. how did i ever survive on so little money before i joined the workforce? it’s almost incomprehensible.

what about me as a person? have i achieved anything the past year? i didn’t achieve inner peace, i didn’t find any new love (pearl an exception), much less the love of my life, i didn’t accept my fatty self, i didn’t improve on my temper… you get the drift. i don’t feel like i’ve changed.

and yet, i have changed. for the better or worse? a bit of both, perhaps.

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  2. So, a pretty god year, in short.

    Hope you have a better year this 2011! šŸ™‚

  3. You have changed a great deal in the past year, I think. We are all going through “stuff” these days…why is that? The community is changing. I had to laugh a bit, and cry a bit when you said you used to think you were fat! Every since I’ve known you…and it’s almost four years now…you have thought you were fat! I hope for you in 2011 that you can accept who you are, as an older, wiser, yet still funny and charming person!
    Love you always!

    • i guess that’s cos i AM fat?? though i think all this energy spent on lamenting my fatness would be put to better use if i focus on other positive things in life, right? ah well, we all have our vices and weaknesses… aww, thanks my dear friend. don’t be a stranger, okay? šŸ™‚ *hugs*

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