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working off some steam

if there’s one thing i hate about my job, it’s you. my heart sinks when i see on the roster that you are working on the same days as i am. i hate it when you ignore me, pass me over for the others whom you trust better not to screw up. even if they have not been working here as long as i have. nobody knows, but when possible i would change my roster so that i would not be working when you are. i just hate sitting at my desk, doing nothing, because you refuse to give me any. you are not the kind of person one could sit and talk it out with, so i don’t know how to let you know that i’m wondering what do i have to do in order for you to get over your bias against me? you make me feel stupid, incompetent and inconsequential, all without you having to say a word. your actions insinuate that enough. the others never make me feel like this, just you. i wish you could let go of the past and give me some credit. i can’t promise i won’t ever screw up while on your watch, but how will i ever learn if you won’t give me shit to do?

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  1. i dont think you should try to make this person understand at all. it’s deinitely NOT worth your while. Go about with your best foot forward, and if the person’s got any sense and can shed some of that ego, you’ll be accepted for who you are.

    • wish i could take your advice, but this is a senior at work. i guess i just have to suck it up and try to do better. hopefully in time the person can see that.

  2. Do you really -have to- to live up to this person’s expectations and appease them? Perhaps they don’t even deserve it. I’m sorry, but that’s one of the things this post sums up to when I read it and I’m only mentioning this because I sometimes found myself feeling the same way but unable to realize it.

    I see this branching into two possiblities.

    One. Said person is a superior in your work place and a better working relationship with them means more money towards vacation and new car.

    Two. Said person is a he and this just goes a whole different way which I’m not sure I should be exploring at all.

    end note: sorry for barging in and taking things apart. Feel free to delete this. I’m just doing this because sometimes I wish people came to my (former) blog and did the same.

    • it’s the former. i suppose i have to live up to my superior’s expectations, since this person would have a say in my future at the workplace.

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