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nothing better to do

literally. work has finished and now i’m waiting for my overtime shift to kick in. i’m feeling much better after my outburst in the previous post. chatting with a colleague from another department. listening to music on youtube. watched the green hornet this morning. after going to bed at 3am. then back to work at 4pm after lunch after the movie. i’ll finish work at 2am and then it’s my day off. hoping to finish the richard branson autobiography i’ve been reading. maybe borrow more dvds from the rental shop later. and an old friend is supposed to come visiting for chinese new year. oh i’m supposed to renew my driving licence soon. and i’ve been meaning to clear out my former computer table for months, gah. yes, i suppose this is just me spewing whatever’s in my head at the moment cos i really have nothing better to do!

okay, let’s try to salvage this post so you wouldn’t have wasted the time reading this drivel. hmm… i’m going on a day trip to genting highlands in two weeks’ time, i’m quite looking forward to that. my last trip there was six years ago so i want to visit the theme parks and sit on all the good rides and eat ice cream even though i’ll be really cold up there.

erm… before my trip to penang, something happened that i’m quite ashamed of. i’m not going to tell the story today (i’m sort of hoping when i read back this entry in the future i would forget what i’m talking about now but perhaps i shouldn’t forget) but i want to jot down how i feel on that fateful night. i was pretty scared, of course, thinking of the consequences. i thought there was no way out until one was offered. it was something i’ve heard of but it never occurred to me that i would be one of the people who would do it. i mean, you hear people doing all sorts of crazy stuff – immoral or illegal or incomprehensible – and i thought i was above this because i wouldn’t land myself in such a situation. but somehow i did and i discovered that night i’m no better than those people. nowadays, i’m paranoid it would happen again and i get that uneasy feeling at that time of night.

okay now i’ve probably got you irritated because you’re curious to know what happened that night. and all because i have nothing better to do! πŸ˜›

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  1. Yes… I am very curious to know what happened that fateful night! But, I also think that, once you go through a bad experience, one tries to steer clear of anything like that happening ever again.. so I guess you should not worry too much.

  2. I think it’s called learning something the wrong way πŸ˜€ Am sure you’ll stay clear of it…dont worry πŸ™‚

  3. Hi sulz,
    Remember that we learn equally well from mistakes as we do from sucesses. This needn’t be a repeater, you know.

    Said with love πŸ™‚

    • hi timethief, thanks for dropping by. it’s nice to see an old friend. πŸ™‚ i do hope i really learn my lesson from this one.

  4. Hmmm, I’m not sure what you got yourself into, but I found this interesting reading as I’ve similarly recently compromised on a couple of my most cherished beliefs.
    On a happier note, I’m glad you have enjoyed your travels, and that you look forward to more. It often is good to shake up ones routine in that way!

    • i hope it wasn’t as bad for you as it was for me! strangely, i’m not very excited about my day trip at the moment. but let me get back to you after that trip is done. i may stand corrected. πŸ™‚

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