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oops, i missed last month’s update. oh well.

while there are many things in my life i wish could be better, i have to say that i’m really quite happy with the way the path of my life turns out. i like my chosen profession, i like my small circle of friends and one fact that stands out to me about my life that i like… is the fact that i’m not a housewife.

don’t get me wrong, i don’t think being a housewife or a homemaker is something one shouldn’t be proud about. it’s just that i think i would have made a terrible housewife. i can’t cook, i hate and rarely do house chores, and i’m awful at tending to people. i imagine that if i ever have kids, they would grow up learning how to tend to me, rather than the other way round.

when i think about it, being a housewife does have its perks. you get to set your own schedule and best of all, you probably get to decorate the house the way you want it. now that i like the sound of, and i wish the day would come sooner when i could truly own a home i call my own. my house. mine.

maybe then, i’ll learn how to cook in my kitchen, have a special room for laundry, scrub the bath tub frequently so that i get to soak in a clean tub…

hmm, i still don’t think i will be a housewife, but i will probably end up doing most of the chores a housewife does one day. until then… i get away from not doing chores by working overtime more. to earn more to own that dream house someday… so that i can do my own chores. oh the irony!

Comments on: "hitting it close to home" (7)

  1. Hi there!
    When I was single, I used to think like that until I got married and have kids. I don’t know anything, but I found myself doing a mommy job. :)I’m sure you’ll do fine!

    • i really don’t see that happening. the family and kids part. the having my own home, i intend to make that happen. 🙂

  2. I’m sure you’ll do great — coming from me, it’s a guarantee you can rely on 😀

  3. I was there once! Now am like I want to just take care of my home & family(if I had one!!)

    • you’re very lucky to have your own family. i hope you remember that when said family drives you up the wall!

  4. hi i have a doubt abt the theme.. how did u made the posts to appear one after another. mines comes one post at a page

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