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i’m feeling quite chuffed at the moment.

i just found out that i won an award that’s given out monthly at work. it’s a real boost to my confidence and i’m really pleased to have this piece of good luck. (i say luck because there are better headlines which went unrecognised in the past sadly because they were not nominated. silly, right?)

the real icing on the cake has to be the news that some of the staff will be getting a salary adjustment – for the better, of course, and i happen to be part of the lucky people. i’ll be getting an increment, an allowance and they will both be paid in arrears from the day i started this job. yes, how awesome is that?

i’m planning to pay off my student loan with this little bonus. if it’s not enough, i will wait for the year-end bonus then. i can’t wait to put up a status on facebook and twitter saying something like, "I’VE PAID MY STUDENT LOAN DEBTS! ONE BURDEN LIFTED OFF MY SHOULDERS!" yes, i really don’t like the idea of being in debt. so much so that i’m hoping that the day i move out of my parents’ home, it will be to a house i bought (with loans but at least the name on the deed will be mine) and not a rented place. but that dream remains very far away.

right now, i just want to bask in a little self pride, happiness and that feeling you get when you feel you’re getting too much money and you’re not really sure why. 🙂

Comments on: "something to write home about" (6)

  1. Congratulations… award.. increment… great going !

    • thanks. 🙂 they say good things (or is it bad things? come in threes, right? i hope the third is around the corner.

  2. Congraaaaaaaaats girl!
    Great going!!

    and … paid in arrears from the day you started this job??? awesomeness, isnt that!? wow!

  3. Being able to lose the debt is a splendid thing. And I KNOW you deserved that award. Glad you are feeling balanced about your work and your life now…and hope will find your blog fun again soon!

  4. i’m not sure if i can pay up my debts that soon now. i’ll explain in the next post. 😉

    blog fun would probably resume when i get a laptop. not anytime in the near future though!

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