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a year of ups and downs

i started the year off with a trip up north to penang. had a wonderful time eating the tastiest food, seeing sights and enjoying a new experience – parasailing!

for the rest of the months up till now, it’s been quiet travel-wise. but next month, i shall be heading down south to malacca for a day trip with the travel buddy. again, i expect to devour more good food and enjoy some shopping, as i always do when i go down there. jonker street, chicken rice balls, fried ice cream, here i come!

then, in september i’ll be heading up north again to visit langkawi. it’s the most famous island of all the islands in malaysia, and this will be my first visit there. yes, i’m over 20 years old and have yet to visit langkawi. but that won’t be the case soon – i’ll be going there with some colleagues after we scored a good deal for a four-star hotel there. another beach holiday after penang this year and bali last year, but i’m still very much looking forward to it!

finally, in november, i’ll be going down south… all the way to singapore! it’s gonna be just me, myself and i for this solo trip. well, not quite. lovelyloey, one of my first blogging buddies, has so kindly agreed to travel around the island with me. what better way to explore singapore than with a singaporean? i’m gonna be so broke with all the shopping and sight-seeing i plan to do. but hey, i want to have a good time, so if that’s what it takes, i’ll just have to work harder to earn money, right?

and so, that’s how my year in travel will be – full of ups and downs. hopefully, next year it will be equally as exciting, if not more!

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  1. I’ve heard so so soooo much about Langkawi, i cant wait to go there!

    I hope you have a great grand time tripping 🙂

  2. Sounds fantabulous! You travel a lot more than I do. I want to see pictures of rice balls and fried ice cream! Um, I mean, the lovely sights you will see. 😉

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