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alive and kicking… feebly

hmm, i’ve skipped one month’s update. sorry about that.

right now i’m at a low point of my job because i got in trouble for a bad day’s work, which triggered a ridiculously overblown domino effect in my department. my mistake was mine, i claim responsibility for it, but the way the management has chosen to handle the situation was pretty appalling, to say the least. at one point, i was harassed. while some of the measures taken by the management did not directly affect some of the colleagues, nonetheless they were upset enough by the turn of events that they made rather drastic proclaimations and decisions.

if they go through with what rumours said they said, there could be an exodus. as it is, i’ve approached the idea of a transfer with the management. at this point, i don’t intend to leave the department for good, but i do want a change of scene. not so much because of the ugly stuff that’s going on at the office but because it’s the only time i’ll ever get myself to make a change. i’m a big follower of the ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it’ mentality. and as it stands right now, the department feels quite broken and demoralised.

that’s the ongoing drama i hope will have a happy ending for me soon. in between the ensuing drama, i went on a vacation to one of malaysia’s best islands with some colleagues. i really enjoyed myself, though the 5-hour car trip each way was quite terrible. still, it was worth sitting on my butt for that long to feel sand in between my toes at the many beaches we visited around the island. it was also worth it when i walked up several hundred steps for a dip in a river. okay, maybe not that worth it when my legs ached for the next three days and the fact that the place did not have any decent changing rooms – i guess that’s all part of the experience of holidaying.

i want to write more but i’m getting sleepy. it’s almost 3am and i’m still at the office. i really should get my own laptop. today’s update is just about me trying to get past the bad episodes at the office. lots of people screwed up, including me, and i wish we could all start on a clean slate right now. but first, i have to complete the sentence given by the management. a pointless and unfair one, if you ask me, but nope, my opinion really doesn’t matter in the department. i’m just a desktop labourer, churning out the work given, so i don’t have much of a say in anything. so gotta complete the undesirable task before i can move on.

i’m tired but alive and kicking, if rather feebly. (but then again, the days of lively activity on this blog have long been gone so really it’s been quite feeble here for a while, hasn’t it?)

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  1. Sounds like you had a good but tiring vacation. Work situation…well lets just put it down to experience?! I have been told the same when I faced yucky situations like this. Wishing you the very best Sulz. Guess quite a few of us are in the same boat of feeble blogs. 😦

    • but the best vacations should leave one exhausted, so i think that was accomplished quite well. yeah i guess – the phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ comes to mind. tell me about it. i hope when i finally get myself a laptop i will blog again more seriously.

  2. Lucky You!! atleast got a vacation.. I am still trying my hands on one such “Exhausting Experience” 😉

  3. Hey Sulz! dropped in to say a hi! been such a long time…………….i mean months………….how have you been doing? good to see your blog alive and kicking 🙂

    • hey arpit! gosh you still remember me. and even more amazing you’re still around the blog arena. 🙂 just seems like a lot of people have move on this phase, yours truly included.

      • yes I do remember you and your blog Sulz :)………………….what made you think that I must have forgotten everything? Of late, I dont drop in comments but I keep checking my blogroll whenever I get time…….so how is life going on? seems like you have got rid off that writer’s block………………..Its a great thing……and the blog has got a totally new positive vibe to it………..will drop in again…….till then keep up this spirirt of blogging! 🙂

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