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Caught with my pants down

Early this evening i was stuck in the bathroom at home. I could turn the doorknob but the lock wouldn’t, well, unlock.

Oh, just great, i thought. An irritating and unfortunate thing but i thought someone could open the door from outside.

I started banging on the door, hoping someone would hear and come upstairs. They heard all right but figured i was hammering something on the wall in my room and went on watching tv.

It probably took me about 20 minutes before i got someone’s attention. And in that time, i felt so frustrated and helpless.

The house isn’t very big, just a typical double-storey terrace, but the bathroom was at the furthest point from the living room. That’s why i didn’t bother shouting cos the tv was so loud it wouldn’t matter how loud i shouted.

So i kept banging my hand, my fist on the door. Got a bruised knuckle to show for it.

I felt very frustrated because i was stuck in a place i didn’t want to be. I wanted to get out but i need to be helped. And to be helped i needed to get people’s attention. And to get them to stop their everyday routine and figure out hey, something’s wrong up there, i had to bang on the door repeatedly for 20-odd minutes. And when you’re stuck in a room and you don’t have a clock, 20 minutes feels like a very long time.

Now imagine the situation is not me being stuck in a bathroom. Imagine it’s me wanting to say, hey i have personal, emotional, psychological, communication issues and i need help.

That door is still stuck, that much i can say.

Anyway, after i finally got someone’s attention, we found that the door couldn’t be opened on the other side and had to call a locksmith.

Yeap. So after being stuck in the bathroom for over an hour, i ended the home drama on a rather humiliating note of having to pass a total stranger in just my towel to get to my room.

But relieved the episode is over.

Now why can’t the scriptwriter of my show have me stuck in the elevator at work with some cute guy? Then at least i have eye candy and i get to skip work.

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  1. There are many different types locksets for doors. Those most commonly used on bathroom doors differ from those where safety from intruders is of importance. Most locksets used on bathrooms have a simple locking mechanism that have a small hole built on the outsideof the lock in order to jimmy the lock in case children lock themselves inside. Also most simple locks (and sadly some less complicated entry locks can be jimmied open with credit cards and slimjim tools.) Save yourself a locksmith charge for these simple and occasional life challenges. Take notice of the type of screw used to hold the lock in place. The screw are usually located on the inside of the door knob. Then keep that type of screwdriver in the bathroom. Then you can simply take the lock apart and manually operate the backset that keeps the door from swinging open. You could just install a passage lock then use a simple hook and eye system to lock the door. But you still need to keep a screwdriver available as one of the biggest problems with any lockset is that the backset has parts that wear and break. Then you just have to disassemble the lock and manually operate the backset to open the door, then replace the backset. So simple even a tool-challenged bumpkin, like myself, can do it. πŸ˜‰

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