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just a tiny little crush

a few interesting things happened to me since i last wrote. to sum it up:

1. i found out a friend has a crush on me.
2. i went to singapore. (and met up with lovelyloey, one of my first blog buddies, who graciously brought me around her city)

3. i’m going to cherating.

when i put it like that, they definitely don’t seem like much but i’ve been quite distracted this month, so much so that i’ve neglected my one true friend – my books. well, these three things and watching reruns of friends have pretty much occupied most of my life right now, besides work.

oh, and 4. i started going to the gym.

it’s too early to tell if i will be a gym regular, but i do have a gym buddy so i hope that will motivate me. i’m also marking the days i go to the gym to make me want to go more.

i’m looking forward to the overnight trip at cherating but it also feels like this will be my last trip with this travel buddy. we seem to be growing apart as friends. i’m saddened by this but i know by now that sometimes friendships don’t last and i just have to let go and move on.

singapore was wonderful. it was the first vacation on my own, though technically it wasn’t a solo trip because lovelyloey was with me most of the time. but staying in a hotel room on my own does have its perks, like having the bathroom to myself and not feeling guilty if i sneeze too loudly because the air conditioner makes my nose run. and i like that i can wake up when i want, come back when i want, go where i want – basically be as self-indulgent as i can be. and of course, the shopping was amazing. i’m definitely coming back some day.

as for my friend… i could like him but i won’t for various complicated reasons. however, it hasn’t stopped me from exchanging flirtatious text messages. i feel like i’m playing with fire but as long as i don’t go beyond that, i think i won’t fall.

i have to say, it really feels nice to know someone thinks of me that way and is thinking of me. if only i’m not a coward and will actually take a stand – either be involved romantically or just stay strictly friends.

but it’s just a crush. he’ll get over it.

Comments on: "just a tiny little crush" (3)

  1. Hehe…it’s important to flirt for quite a while. helps you know if you really like the person, vice-versa, and helps you figure out tht person better too 😉 have fun flirting

    yea…sometimes, friends just walk in, sometimes, they just walk off…and there are times when neither does a fault…strange indeed.

    you continue having fun 🙂 and stay regular at the gym 😉 make your gym buddy your next travel buddy…travelling is a great way to lose those exra kilos too 😉

    • actually, that’s the last thing i should do as that is one of the many complicated reasons. yes, tell me about it. i walked so much in singapore i was exhausted most of the time. but i do feel a bit healthier for that. 🙂

  2. hi im konica.. loved your views.keep posting more stuffs so im hitting ‘follow’ here .and do feel free to explore mine at and share your thoughts. keep up the good work dear.

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