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what lies ahead

i’m sitting here in the office wondering what to write and tell you. on the surface, life seems like it’s same old, same old. obviously, beyond the surface it is not but i am reluctant to say anything here, not even to hint (this sentence the exception).

so anyway, 2012. don’t have anything planned yet, travel wise. i harbour hopes of visiting hong kong and singapore again before the year ends as my passport will expire in the middle of next year but i’m not holding my breath of those two trips happening.

that’s cos i’m planning to move out of my parent’s home this year. not moving too far away, though. still, it’s a big step for me. not looking forward to saving up but if it goes well, i can’t wait to build my own nest with my roommate and invite my friends over to hang out.

not everything is rosy, of course. lately, i am finding difficulties coping with my finances. i am splurging more than i ought to and a large part of that is because i own a credit card. i won’t fall into the trap of racking up credit card debts but paying them off in full is killing my savings. i don’t think i will cut my credit card but i really must try harder to curb unnecessary spending. which is so hard because i love pedicures and retail therapy and going out for drinks…

le sigh. being a young adult is fun but it sure comes with a lot of responsibility!

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  1. Credit Cards are like rich desserts. They taste good while you are enjoying them and make life a little sweeter. Afterwards you have to live with the consequences of your previous pleasure. With credit cards that can be anywhere from inconsequential to critical life decisions. Like with chocolate laden sweets if you overindulge the interest debt from credit cards can amount up to an unbearable load on your normal existence. Used wisely they are a great tool. Over used and they become a nightmare that effects your financial maneuverability. Hope life is treating you well.

  2. Hope credit card temptation doesn’t happen often or find a way to tame it.

  3. hey scoundrel, thanks for your comment (here and other recent posts). yes i’m trying… not very good at controlling though!

    thanks jean, yes sometimes my urge feels rather wild.

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