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A few days ago I met up a friend for lunch at a mall. We parted ways after as I wanted to go shopping. I don’t mind company when shopping but only if the person wants to do it too. If they don’t, I rather do it on my own.

Later that night, we got to chatting and the conversation turned to what did I shop for. I told him I got a pair of jeans, some undies and bought dinner. He replied that was a little too much information for him and understood why I didn’t want him tagging along while I shopped.

Perhaps the latter is true but only because I don’t enjoy having someone watch me shop for things he isn’t interested in. It’s like I’m wasting his time if I made him do that.

As for the tmi part, it didn’t occur to me that the fact I bought underwear is too revealing. I mean, we all wear underwear (okay, some don’t). So what’s the big deal if I bought some and mentioned it? I didn’t describe the undies. To me, it was just a fact and has no sexual connotation to it. Maybe from his point of view, underwear is something private cos it’s what we wear under our clothes. And that he didn’t need to know that. (Well, he didn’t need to know I bought jeans and dinner but he didn’t have a problem with that information.)

On the other hand, there are guys (and some girls too surely) who openly tell people about their bowel habits. Now I find that personal, a little gross and not at all necessary. But I could use the same arguments I raised with the underwear issue. Doing number two is something we all do, so why am I uncomfortable talking about mine or hearing about other people’s?

I think the usual answer applies – different upbringing, perspectives, etc. But I wonder what does this say about me, that I find underwear an acceptable topic in a conversation but not number two.

Comments on: "What’s too much information?" (2)

  1. I don’t think mentioning you bought underwear was “too much” information… I would have probably asked you back “what kind?” Though, that would’ve been inappropriate… 😀

    • Haha in theory yes it sounds like an inappropriate question but you and I go way back so it’s not a problem to me. The friend in question I knew as an acquaintance for several years. Guess I’m still in the acquaintance zone.

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