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I love French fries. I can never resist them. I don’t have to eat them every day but I don’t think I can go French fry-less for longer than a week.

Even though I’ve been told my cholesterol level is something I should keep an eye on, I still haven’t given up on fries or consciously start eating less of them.

And I’m not picky either. Of course good quality fries are the best but I’d settle for the typical supermarket sort. Hell, I’d even eat them cold. Not as good as when they’re hot but still fries.

As I was eating some cold, rather nasty-tasting fries from a fast food outlet, I was thinking to myself how awful they tasted because they were cold. And I thought how ironic that I would stop eating certain foods if I didn’t like the taste of them but not fries.

For instance, I eat bananas only if they’re of a certain ripeness. If it isn’t ripe enough, the taste is bland. If it’s too ripe it’s mushy.

Yet why don’t I apply the same principle to French fries? This lot was one of the worst I’ve had. And yet as I thought this, I kept shoving cold fries into my mouth. And occasionally I ate one that tasted semi-decent. But mostly that packet contained horrible ones.

When I’m in love, I would keep hanging on in a bad relationship even though I don’t like it. I’d think it’s a bad phase we’re going through. Though I mean to resolve or discuss the issue, then he does something nice and I remember why I fell in love with him. And I promptly forget the bad stuff until it happens again.

I’m at fault too, for continuing to eat the cold fries even though I know they’re horrible and so not worth the calories. I should’ve stopped, throw away the lot and either get fresh, hot French fries or eat something else.

But I don’t, because I paid good money for these disgusting cold fries. And I hope there would be some semi-decent ones among the fries.

So I eat and eat every shoestring fry until they are gone. And I am left alone to deal with the shame of eating cold disgusting fries and the misery of not having any fries to eat.

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