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Oral Sex is Illegal in Malaysia… Pah!

If you don’t already know, the latest scandal in Malaysia is the former Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek caught having sex with a woman on video. Not his wife. Which he admitted to and resigned from his post immediately after.

Now, there are plenty of sites talking about the scandal in minute detail, so I shan’t repeat the same old story here. If you’re resourceful enough, you can even search for the sex tape in question on YouTube.

Today, we’re talking about Section 377A of the Penal Code, which Dr Chua is possibly considered to be investigated for, which describes oral sex as “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” and which basically makes oral sex illegal in Malaysia.

Haha. Hahahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


I’d show you the excellent article from which I learnt all these, but for some reason the newspaper’s website doesn’t have a link to it; if I can get the link later I’ll put it up.

It’s times like these that I understand why Malaysia has a terrorism-tinged reputation to the rest of the world. I mean, if we’re that modern and all that, you’d think an obsolete law like this would have been abolished a long time ago.

What makes oral sex unnatural? Who says oral sex is unnatural? Religion? If yes, then it is wrong of a country which proclaims to practise freedom of religion to force one or several religious views of oral sex as a law to the rest of Malaysians. If not, it is still wrong because, as the former Bar Council president Yeo Yang Poh so logically puts it, (quoted from article mentioned above)

“Criminalising a consensual sexual act between adults on grounds that the act is ‘unnatural’ or ‘against the course of nature’ is the product of archaic thinking and should have no place in modern jurisprudence. For example, if one can treat oral sex as unnatural and immoral (and thus should be criminalised), then others could consider the use of condoms, masturbation, premarital sex, or even anything other than the ‘missionary position’ as similarly immoral or unnatural, and should be criminalised as well.”

He also reportedly said that if the law was enforced, over 95% of Malaysians would be put in jail. Perhaps the percentage was random and exaggerated, but you get the idea. I believe the majority of Malaysians have consensual oral sex, no matter how ‘unnatural’ some parties view it.

There are a lot of things about Malaysia, if I have the time and humour, that would make you shake your head and drop your jaw. As a local who’s heard more than enough to make one a cynic, this is one rare one that had me dumbfounded in a while!

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Volunteer at the Forums at Your Peril

Half a year ago, DrMike suffered the same fate.

This time, it is Timethief‘s turn. While she was not a moderator, she has been an invaluable, tireless, selfless volunteer who has not only devoted her time helping hundreds of bloggers, but also dedicated several blogs to such issues for the benefit of new bloggers.

It all started with this. It was even predicted that it would come to this by wank. Timethief had even continued volunteering despite that, until she was unceremoniously rendered inactive.

I am flabbergasted, indignant, outraged, disappointed, upset, and confused.

Many are saying that they’ll be staying away from the forums, but that was what others said during the DrMike Débâcle too. I wonder who will take over what DrMike and Timethief used to do.

Timethief, I’d never have imagined your contribution to the forums when I remembered you hardly even know blogging then! And I certainly would never imagine your volunteering would come to an end like this.

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Ironically, they now need our votes. For people who has just fired one of their biggest supporters, I am really just… amazed!

Can you describe yourself in 100 adjectives?

World’s ‘wurst’ lovers?

German men are the world’s worst lovers, according to a poll of 10,000 women travellers.

They are branded selfish in bed while second-placed Swedes are too quick.

Third are the “too rough” Dutch, followed by “too dominant” Americans, “soppy” Welshmen and “too loud” Scots.

Englishmen were voted 10th worst for being too chubby. Turks were sweaty, Greeks smelly and Russians hairy.

Women from 50 countries were quizzed on social networking site

Spokesman Peter Ward said: “Who would have thought Welshmen were better lovers than Swedes? But I would remind girls, it takes two to tango.”

Italian men were voted best lovers followed by males from France, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Spain, Denmark, New Zealand, Brazil and Canada.

What about men from the rest of the world?? 😉


Interestingly, when first began to compile the list, it was easier to come up with positive adjectives. But later, the negative adjectives were easier to come up with and had finished them first. The last five positive adjectives were hard to come up with, and while was trying hard to think of them, kept thinking new negative adjectives to add to the list! 😕

Comparing the two lists, there are some adjectives with ambiguous connotations. In one situation it could be a negative, but positive in another. So there are some ‘negative’ adjectives which do not really feel like it’s a bad thing, but rather how some people may see it. (more…)

Is dress code a discrimination?

Scarf-clad friend denied make-up job

I WRITE in on behalf of a friend who, like me, couldn’t believe discrimination still exists, especially in a country such as ours, which is known for its racial and religious respect and tolerance.

Recently, she applied for a part-time job as a make-up employee at a beauty company located in KLCC.

Although she was over-qualified for the post, her love for make-up products and her excellent social skills would indeed be an asset to the company, as she would be able to attract buyers to try out and buy the products.

However, to her dismay, she couldn’t (or rather wouldn’t) be hired, as the company’s policy of “freestyle and attractive” dress code states that she would have to take off her scarf.

I find this excuse utterly ridiculous. What has wearing a scarf to do with selling make-up?

If anything, my friend would actually attract more scarf-clad customers, as there are more and more scarf-clad professional career women in Malaysia of late.

And indeed, who says that wearing a scarf is not attractive?

And there are so many styles of wearing scarves at the moment, which are appropriate, modest yet still breathtakingly beautiful.

I urge companies and business establishments to take note that wearing scarves doesn’t contribute to less work quality and productivity.

It’s really a shame such prejudice still exists.

NAZREEN, Mersing.

This letter makes a persuasive argument when it comes to dress codes. What exactly does ‘freestyle and attractive’ means? A headscarf might be attractive to some Muslim women, but perhaps not to others who don’t wear a headscarf.

Then again, there are some make-up brands where the target market is predominantly made up of non-Muslim consumers. So, the company’s logic might be that hiring a headscarf-donning woman would not appeal to such people.

But if you think about it, what has that headscarf anything to do with the make-up? You still see her face and the make-up that she uses, right? The headscarf doesn’t affect her work performance in any way, does it?

If you think of another example, we have dress codes to adhere to in big multinational corporations. Women are expected to use make-up. Is this fair, when men are not expected to? What has make-up to do with a person’s job performance? Why is it a woman with made-up face is only considered presentable and attractive in the corporate world, while a woman who does not use make-up is not considered so?

Personally, have not ever used make-up before, and am not interested at this moment in time to try. Have hyperhidrosis, so it would be quite wasted to spend so much for make-up to melt on self’s face the moment start sweating. Then would have to spend some more in order to do something about the hyperhidrosis. Do not plan to work in a corporate company, but if there’s an opportunity to do so after have graduated, wouldn’t mind giving it a go for the work experience. But not at the expense that am forced to use make-up, because it is self’s personal choice not to and it should be respected, just like it is a Muslim woman’s choice to don a headscarf (religious reasons notwithstanding).

Am not sure really if dress codes are a form of prejudice (when it uses vague descriptions and interpret it in such a way that it can discriminate certain people) or it’s something a company has the right to dictate – it is they who’s hiring you, after all. Just like proper qualifications, they require people with the proper image to best represent the company. What do you think?

Freedom of religion in Malaysia?

A local Chinese man made news recently when he was reunited with his long-lost family after being switched at birth. Today, another piece of news about him appeared in the papers; he wants to convert from being a Muslim to a Buddhist, because he was raised in a Malay Muslim family as a result of the switch and thus “was never given the chance to choose his own religion.”

In Malaysia, we’re “free” to choose our religion. You can be a Hindu one day and a Buddhist the next. You can revert to being a Hindu if you should so please the day after. But to be a Muslim is a one-way trip with no return ticket available. So if you became a Muslim by conversion through marriage, you cannot undo that if you divorce. And you can’t marry a Muslim without being one.

But honestly, this reason given is quite lame. If you really think about it, why should the Chinese man, Zulhaidi Omar, be given the choice of choosing his religion just because of the baby switch that so unfortunately happened to him? If he can be given the choice, why can’t this choice be given to all Malaysians, even though they were not switched at birth? Because if religion is something you choose, is it really your choice if your biological family raised you as a Muslim? What if you don’t want to be a Muslim?

Freedom of religion in Malaysia is often talked about, even cited as a reason for how one is happy to live in Malaysia, but it remains just that: talk. Freedom of religion is just in name, with terms and conditions just like everything else in life.

Can you humour her irrational Harry Potter rant of the day?

First off: she loves Harry Potter, truly she does.

But she just wants to tear her hair off at the ridiculous amount of posts dedicated to the release date of the last Harry Potter novel and the absolute latest news being the graffitied bust J. K. Rowling left at the Ednburgh hotel to record the date and place of the completion of her novel, apparently interpreted as a clue to the fate of one of the characters in the last book by her obsessed fans.

She is terrifically flummoxed as to why people are just obsessed, plain obsessed about every little news that has the names Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe or J. K. Rowling in it. Sure, they’re very newsworthy and hitworthy too in the blogosphere, but if they’re so obsessed in the first place, you’d think these bloggers would provide more than an insipid, unoriginal method of cut, copy and paste of the news in their posts. She’s not against copying and pasting news, she does it too – but the point is that these news are so common that it’s pointless to replicate news articles of them (because people are most likely to have read them in the papers themselves) when you can offer your own original opinion and insight of it.

The imbecility of hitwhores sometimes.

(Yes, she’s very grumpy today. Chances of being hypocritical in the above rant is highly likely. Please bare bear with her. *snort*)

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