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as the dust settles

i have things to say but i don’t quite know where to start. instead, i’ve been reading some of my old posts.

and you know what? i actually like most of the things i wrote. even the ones which i was frustrated about – the last few posts which i felt i was being too self-obsessed and having nothing intellectual to say.

now that i’m leaving my current job – yes, i’m leaving the bookshop job and i’ll tell you why soon – i see that i have a pretty good writing voice. at least, my personality does come through better in writing than it does in person. i feel like a better person in writing.

it’s a shame that i’m leaving my current job because one of my main responsibilities is to maintain the bookshop’s facebook page and blog. i interact with the fans a lot and i really enjoy that; it reminds me when i was at the peak of blogging here and i was interacting with all my blog friends.

well, there’s not much point to this post except to tell you that i’ve been reading my old posts, reminiscing without feeling bitter, feeling wistful about leaving the bookshop job yet looking forward to start all over with the new job.

tell you more in the next post.

hey there

how are you?

i just want to tell you what i’ve been up to after officially ending this blog.

i am on the hunt… for another job. i’m guessing you are surprised because the last time you heard from me, i declared that i’ve found the job of my dreams and have no intentions of leaving it anytime soon.

oh, how quickly things can change!

i won’t elaborate except to say that i’ve grown dissatisfied enough to go on the hunt again. i am hopeful so far. one prospect is knocking on my door. if that’s not the right one, i’ll keep looking.

i’m still around on my usual online haunts, like facebook and twitter. still friends with the same people, still playing the same games, still reading voraciously, still dating the television set. (watching desperate housewives now.)

if i were still blogging now, this time would be spent reflecting on last year’s new year resolutions as well as making this year’s ones. and giving you some blog statistics. not this year. however, i do hope that i get to travel more for the year 2010. travelling to bangkok in april 2009 was one of the highlights of the year and still holds many special memories for me, of shopping with my dearest friend angel and meeting with a friend i had known in macau when i went in july 2008.

ah, why is it that i still live in the past? here i am with all of 2010 ahead of me. yet my neck never aches from my turning back to the past.

i haven’t really thought of blogging again. a part of me wants to (hence this post, i guess) but another part of me just fears that i will lose the passion again. blogging here is mostly a relationship with myself, yet here i am talking as if i want to get back with an ex-boyfriend. still, a relationship with myself is just as important, i think.

anyway, if you are an old friend, do say hi with a comment. i’ll be checking back on this post.

In what might be my last post

I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has ever commented in bloggerdygook. I’ve fought, cried, laughed, smiled, cheered, lived through this blog and through my interaction with you. Knowing some of you here has made a lot of difference in my life. It is so ironic that some of you who mean so much to me, I have yet to see your faces or shake your hands. Yet, I will remember.

… Okay, that was way too dramatic. It’s not like I’m cutting my online life out entirely! But in the event that I won’t ever resume blogging, I hope you know that I appreciate all your comments. Thank you for being in my life.

Protected: Where I’ll be online in August

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The end is near

I have been in two minds about a decision I’ve made a while ago, but I think this is the time.

I will not be blogging in August 2009.

I have grown very dissatisfied with my writing over the year since I’ve started working. I am not proud with most of what I’ve written and I’ve lost the passion to blog here.

I never thought this day would happen. I thought I would be blogging for a long time more. But one never knows what life will bring.

I’m not spelling the death of sulz. I will be keeping in touch with you, checking your blogs and commenting when I have something to say. And when I say I won’t be blogging in August 2009, perhaps I might pick it back up in September. I don’t know. But for certain there will be no posts in the month of August.

I think Project Rediscovering Blogging is a failure. If anything, it only succeeded in accelerating my giving up in this endeavour. So, let’s do the opposite and see if maybe I miss blogging enough to want to come back to it.

Tomorrow, I will put up a protected post for those of you who are interested to keep in touch with me beyond the blog. If you don’t receive an e-mail with the password from me but would like to, just drop a comment here and I’ll send it.

ps. If you’ve been wondering why I am so cavalier about revealing my birth date and even showing a picture of me… this is why.

A blogging dream

I have this dream that I would meet my blog buddies all around the world when I could visit their respective countries.

I’ve done that so far with Lovelyloey, though we met in Macau rather than in her country Singapore. But I have planned to visit Singapore by the end of this year to fulfill my New Year resolutions, so that’s one blog friend down…

Will I be able to fulfill this dream with other blog friends? Will I be able to keep in touch with them long enough while I save up and find the time?

I hope that even if we lose touch, we would remember each other… I hope when I visit your country, I will remember to visit you. I hope if you ever come to Malaysia, you will look me up as well.

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