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sulz Pte Ltd

Company Profile: A small up-and-coming company with businesses dealing mainly with publishing (ie books), online publishing (ie blogging), communications (ie relationships), and food & beverage (ie eating).

Vacancy status for all positions in company

Welfare Department (ie People Who Feed, Clothe and Care for sulz)
– 2 permanent full-time staff (M & D)

Purchasing / Procurement Department (ie People Who are Shopping Buddies)
– 1 part-time partner (Angel), full-time position vacant

Human Relations Department (ie People Who Give & Receive Hugs & Kisses to & from sulz)
– 2 part-time staff (Wen Wen & Bom Bom), full-time position vacant

Communications Department (ie People Who are sulz’s Online Friends, for example Commenters in Blog)
– 1 staff on sabbatical leave (lovelyloey), several full-time staff (ish, thescoundrel, et al), many part-time staff (dave, nelsonnium, fracas, edseverripit et al, and blurkers unknown), position always available for jobseekers

Stand-by Staff for Miscellaneous Appointments (ie People Who Can Have Dinner or Watch Movie At a Moment’s Notice)
Vacant, currently relying on temp agency (Botak, Miss J)

Telephone Operator / Stand-by Staff for Emergency Backup (ie People to Call at 2AM When Suffering from Emotional Breakdown)
– nobody qualified from temp agency or other sources, vacant and urgently needed!

Is your company understaffed too? It’s really hard to find good employees nowadays, yeah? 🙂

Comments on: "Any vacancies in your company?" (6)

  1. Ha ha, Its the opposite here.
    Just couple of days the company that I work for, gave the pink slip to a lot of people.
    Disappointment all around, people who were in the company for like 10-15 years were asked to leave, it was out of the blue.
    I guess they all can contact you.

    sulz: lol, you do realise the reward offered by this company is not monetary but emotional satisfaction?

    or maybe not, considering the vacancies! 😕

  2. “Human Relations Department (ie People Who Give & Receive Hugs & Kisses to & from sulz)
    – 2 part-time staff (Wen Wen & Bom Bom), full-time position vacant”

    I’m applying for that if you get hugs and kisses from other pretty girls 😛

    sulz: those two are babies okay! you big perv!! haha :mrgreen:

  3. Professionally perv, yep 😀

    sulz: exactly where did your qualifications come from, then?

  4. thanks lass… haven’t been doing much of blogging due to the exams coming up… the worst thing is looking at my blog page every time i come online (that’s quite often) and realising that i just have nothing to blog about… Hurts. I really need to dig deep i guess, but then it’s almost not like doing it out of free will, but because I’m forcing myself to do so. And that makes my blog a responsibility… that word is kinda not my cup of tea/coffee/coke/whatever… so apologies if i don’t keep in touch… it’s just that I’ve got a big hurdle to skip over in life right now, other than the exams… My low self esteem, that is. take care…


    sulz: internship bringing you down? totally understand the blogging bit. hope you’ll sort your life out and get back to blogging regularly. stay strong!

  5. Oh, I worked a lot for that qualification. Basically you get it by talking perverted to every person you can find around you..male or female or whatever. And ultimately, when they start calling you perverted, like you just did, you get the perversion graduation.

    sulz: ah, graduation by association… if only other things in life work this way! like knowledge about designer handbags will actually garner self one on the basis am worthy of it as would be able to truly appreciate its true value. or knowledge about sex will render self a sexpert unsurpassed by those with actual experience but without much knowledge in its theory.

    nice bit of daydreaming. 🙂

  6. […] Will blog more (and start on blogging homework – must report to boss soon to reclaim job) […]

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