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Is vagina a vulgar word?

team vagina

Apparently this picture is inappropriate to be self’s avatar in WordPress. Am miffed that they always edit self’s comments and pictures without any notification.

Therefore, am posting it on self’s blog where can look at it as much as self want. Go ahead and label this blog ‘mature’, but fuck it – every girl’s got a vagina, so are girls vulgar?

Whoops. *sheepish grin*

The thing about assume? “Makes an ass out of u and me, but mostly me.”

Podz said regarding avatar issue:

“We currently have a problem with some people’s avatars. They are reverting to the original. I know this sounds like an excuse but I promise it is not – I have a bug ticket open for that. That said I am checking about the status of avatars. I have had one complaint about one and I have no doubt more will surface in the future so I would like to make it clear what is and is not acceptable. I didn’t see yours so I have no idea about that.”

Does that mean can use the picture as self’s avatar?


I have no problem with that avatar and it’s only a word anyway πŸ™‚

Oh well, self’s assumption did garner quite an interesting debate, if anything came out of it.

Comments on: "Is vagina a vulgar word?" (18)

  1. I don’t know which is more vulgar: the word or the concept.

    Maybe it would be like Bush telling invading was only about oil, then money. It would be vulgar. So he told about justice, freedom, democracy…

    The same way, a gentleman doesn’t say “your vagina is awesome, babe…” but “I like to swim into the beauty of your eyes”

    Maybe we just like privacy. Some words are better untold.

    But vagina team is cool… πŸ˜‰

    sulz: but a gentleman doesn’t just woo a woman just so he can stick his penis into her vagina. πŸ˜‰

  2. I beg to differ – I don’t think it’s cool. I don’t think team tits and ass is cool either. To me this is vulgar and I’m no prude.

    sulz: urgh, hate the label cool… self just wanted to use it ’cause well, self like it. thought it was hilarious.

  3. I forgot to turn the blinking cocommnet thingee on when I replied above. IMO the image was probably not removed on the grounds of vulgarity. IMO it was probably removed on the grounds that it was a logo that could in fact belong to a legitimate organization and that you may not have permission to use it. Anyway that’s just my opinion. I think the perfect avatar for you is a wege of chocolate cake.

    sulz: if it sounds vulgar to you and you’re not a prude, how can an organisation call itself that? maybe a feminist movement, but kinda doubt.

  4. ha! ha! ha! I’ve got to share this with you – my beloved responded that “team vagina” sounded like the slogan for a lesbian prostitution organization looking for female customers … *lol* and now that he said that I can’t think of it in any other context *lol*.

    sulz: lol πŸ˜† you almost gave self a blogging climax, coming (err, no pun intended) to the website and seeing five comments! but technically it’s only three… oh well, am just plain glad for comments! πŸ™‚

  5. Tits and ass are vulgarities. Vagina is not a vulgarity. Whether it is cool or not wasn’t the issue. And as for saying the word and/or the concept is vulgar – John what do you mean? Some words are better left untold – why? Feel uncomfortable using it? Well, as sulz said every girl, every woman has one, just as every girl has breasts – oops better not say that. And every guy has a penis – whoops maybe I shouldn’t say that either should I?

    This is a grown up forum ( or so I thought) but it seems some are squeamish about biological words like vagina through which they all arrived or at least were conceived. And it seems censorship – if that’s what it was – is never far away.

    You go sulz πŸ˜‰ You can put what you like on your blog. Have you watched the Vagina Monologues by the way? πŸ˜‰

    sulz: hear hear! that’s exactly what self think of it! after all, if our doctor can use these terms, why shouldn’t we ordinary citizens? unless your doctor is weird and calls your vagina ‘fanny’ or some pathetic equivalent as an euphemism.

    the vagina monologues are banned in malaysia! that’s why self say malaysia is a prudish place. it is a muslim country and everything… there was a chinese couple who were charged in court for apparently behaving indecently in public. all they did was sit in the park reading their love letters to each other.

  6. I guess the question is: what are the reasons to use this word in public ?
    Maybe it’s all about who say it. Women saying vagina is not very vulgar. Man saying so, pretty vulgar.
    But do I wanna hear about some guy’s dick or balls ? I don’t think so.
    And how some girl’s vagina is relevant to me ?

    sulz: it’s okay for a guy to say vagina in an appropriate context, which most of the time it isn’t. if some guy were to put ‘team penis’ on his avatar, self’d just find it hilarious. it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek. have no particular feminist statement behind ‘team vagina’.

  7. I’m not going to add anything relevant to the conversation, I just wanted to say I think it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while!

    Hey Sulz – can you guess why I’m here? πŸ˜‰

    sulz: glad you saw the humour in it! perfect timing to review the blog – now you can say she’s manic, bimbotic, schizophrenic and controversial.

  8. @John –
    “I guess the question is: what are the reasons to use this word in public ?”
    I gues the question is “what is the reason not to?”

    “Maybe it’s all about who say it. Women saying vagina is not very vulgar. Man saying so, pretty vulgar.”

    Who says? Maybe it’s about plain old double standards. Or simply not being comfortable with a perfectly natural word.

    sulz: are we telepathic or what?

  9. When I was a child my parents couldn’t keep clothes on me. I guess you could say that I haven’t changed a whole lot.

    I was a natural born stripper, who grew up in the countryside on the warm west coast on beaches. I saw the body parts and breeding activities of farm animals, clearly understood where babies came from, and had no apprehensions about using words for body parts. Also my mom was a teacher who wanted children with large vocabularies and hated “gutter” talk.

    Then we moved to the big ugly cities where skyscrapers blocked the sun and quickly learned the parks and playgrounds had perverts on their benches, exhibitionists hiding in bushes, and even sick old men who drove around wacking off in their cars near schoolyards.

    We became part of uptight church pseudo families with all kinds of fears and hang-ups. They and their children were clothed from head to toe. None would ever have said vagina or penis and I suspect the ladies never even dreamed of putting either one near their mouths.

    If you take a look at my coyote’s blog header you will note that I’m wear clothes on the beach but I haven’t changed much over the years. Before and after the tourist season when I’m at the beach I put my clothes where they belong hanging from the the bushes. I’m truly appalled to find that the vagina monologues are banned in Malasia. The live performances should be given everywhere around the world. I am blessed to live in an artist’s community full of live theatre and music.

    I want to say however that even though I do understand where both sulz and britgirl are coming from and even though I come from the same place to some extent, I do take John’s point.

    In the context of blogging and of choosing avatars like John I ask.

    (1) Exactly why would any woman want to have an avatar identifying her ‘self” as a body part used for sex?

    (2) And do I want some guy to choose and avatar and user name depicting his “self” as a dick or balls?

    I with John on this. Another girl’s vagina in cyber space or a guy’s dick or balls are not relevant to our blogging dialogue. They are not IMO appropriate handles or avatars. They will IMO attract those who are addicted to beliveing the internet is for porn.

    My guess is that sulz secretly wanted to boost her stats by getting folks to use the key words in her blog that would reward the porno searchers with lots of hits. πŸ˜‰ This is exactly what happened when she wrote about her tits being oogled.

    I take delight in the fact that the wankers will be disappointed when no images are available and even though I have a huge collection I’m not sharing. You’ll have to visit my blog to see my body in my headers. Also note when you do view you won’t find a single nude picture of me depicting my vagina or my rectal opening. Why? Because I’m no piece of ass. I’m the whole deal. I’m a beautiful woman and not a twat or an asshole.

    Now this comment alone should have the search spiders belly dancing in orgasmic ecstacy, right. Who knows the wirebrush sex fiend might even visit you again. πŸ˜‰

    Keep your girls (tits) up ^^ sulz and keep blogging.

    sulz: 1. maybe she just finds it hilarious.

    2. it’s entirely his will to want a ‘team penis’ or not. self would appreciate his humour, but not if it’s a chauvinist statement. ‘dick’ and ‘balls’ are crude, not ‘penis’ (again, context applies heavily). self definitely won’t want a ‘team cunt’ or ‘team pussy’ avatar.

    as a blogger, who wouldn’t want to boost stats? but am not as shallow as to use these key words merely to invite pervs in; there are non-sexual issues when self talk about it and all comments here are proof. and yes, the tits post remain the top post, which initially am not very proud of but hey, who knows it might educate some unthinking pervs.

    didn’t realise those were your pictures! always thought you got it off the net. now must scrutinise more carefully… but also note, showing a picture that says ‘team vagina’ does not mean am showing self’s intimate parts. πŸ˜‰

    NOTEWORTHY: This is the 100th comment in Bloggerdygook!

  10. Britgirl… Well, when a women says it, she speaks about her own body, which is pretty less sexual.

  11. @TT. In your opinion. That’s the key. Your opinion. Everyone’s opinion is different. Why do you or John have to understand why sulz would want to use an avatar saying team vagina? What makes you feel she was wanting/looking for your understanding? Her reasons for using it are her own – whatever they may be. You wouldn’t use it. That’s understood.

    (It smacks of don’t understand it – must be bad – get rid of it/ban it).

    Besides which there are other words other than and far more common than vagina that are porn magnets.

    I am not particularly advocating for the use of it one way or the other. But unless there is a specific policy (which since it was whipped away hopefully will be made clear) it would appear she has the right to use it.

    My issue is with the underlying double standards which seems to be that both the word and the concept “vagina” is both vulgar and therefore verboten when it comes to blogging on WordPress. Perhaps next we’ll have a list of all terms that cannot be used… including any and every body part that may offend people.

    But I do wish when people are trying to censor others for what they use/do on the internet, they are up-front about it. Also, small point – one’s vagina is not a body part just used for sex. Some babies still arrive that way.

    Sulz – maybe you should constuct a whole post on the forbidden words to decribe women’s body parts ;-). Should be interesting. Blog on!

    sulz: maybe should just let you reply all future comments in this post. πŸ˜†

  12. feels like have created a monster, haven’t self?

    just want to state the actual reason behind the avatar. because found it hilarious, tongue-in-cheek. there were neither feminist nor sexual motive behind it. and definitely not to boost stats.

    that said, it doesn’t necessarily mean would wear a t-shirt like that in public. for one, the mother would kill self first. for another, am very very low-key and reserved in real life and try successfully not to attract attention bar cleavage-revealing tops which is self’s fashion penchant (blame it on the tv programme ‘what not to wear’ for vehemently advocating it).

    however, there is a difference between real public and virtual public. and it is this difference that self thought a picture like this could be accepted in the blogosphere. but obviously self thought wrong.

    still don’t understand what’s that wrong with the word ‘vagina’. then self tried to think from another perspective – if self have a 10-year-old kid, would self want him/her to see such an avatar? well, self would’ve taught the kid long before what’s a vagina and a penis, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

    or put this in another perspective: if you have an avatar that says ‘i’m an ass’, how much would you bet that avatar would not be removed?

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  14. Actually, my avatar reverted to the original when I was u/loading it but I couldn’t be bothered to change it back after it did it twice. There’s a pic there and that’s fine by me.

    sulz: had no problems uploading pictures so was totally unaware of such an issue. but now can use this! *refer to avatar* yay

  15. For the record sulz I never particularly thought you were seeking stats by using sexually connected terminology. And although my opinion remains the same, I do have a confession to make.

    Most of the comments I leave on your are very brief, lacking in substance and have frequently been off topic. And as you know I too have a mischievous sense of humor. What I did was bring together my feeling of guilt and my desire to have a fun time so I sat down and deliberately crafted my comment to attract search spiders through the use of vulgar words and sexually connected terminology, while pointing the finger at you as being a stats harlot.

    I’m currently rotflmao because no one called me on this. There were some clues that I left for any detective type to help uncover what I was up to. (1) The length of my comment. (2) The lack of spelling and grammatical errors. (3) The supreme effort made to include vulgar sexual terms in the comment.

    I want to remind you that I am a coyote πŸ˜‰ I am a shapesifter, a trickster and a clown and I want to thank you all for the good time. πŸ˜› rotflmao

    sulz: am totally fine about it, maybe it will up the blog’s stats too! πŸ˜›

  16. thats funny…
    after all, its justa word…how does it matter!

    This is the 1st time i’m visitng ur blog.. got to knw abt it from Ish’s blog…

    Anyway, i have always admired people who read.. I mean, what i want to say is, when i read ur blogs i can acutally feel that u read a lot.. ur usage of words, language and style..

    i have always hated books..have read only 2 novels till date, i hate to read newspapers too…i’m 23 nw!

    sulz: haha, it was a misunderstanding as have explained later. πŸ™‚ ah, ish’s friend is sulz’s friend too, welcome!

    wow, what a wonderful compliment for a self-professed bookworm, thanks!

    hey, not everybody can be a bookworm… but everyone has a story to tell, and if you blog frequently you can surely develop your own writing style!

    ps don’t really like to read newspapers except for the sports pages and tv guide. :mrgreen:

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  18. […] is this something Team Man Boobs (via Team Vagina) would support? Do fat men need bras too? This entry was written by sulz and posted on November […]

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