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Tying Up Loose Ends

1. Packing is so difficult! Terribly overweight. Not talking about self, but luggage. Though am overweight too, pfft. Anyway, am only allowed 15kg of baggage. Preposterous! Am going away for one month. How can self not bring the kitchen sink???

2. Blogging project will be closing registration soon! Will be closing it on the 28th, which means you should best register by Friday the latest to be on the safe side.

3. Guest posting deadline is coming soon! To those who so kindly agreed to help self play host on bloggerdygook while am away and out to play in the hot & humid Macau, please e-mail your post asap! [/hint to Poonam, Crazyasuka, BobbyG, Withering Willow, Ahouseholdkate]

4. Am v. freaked out now. This is happening. No turning back. Am going to leave smelly pillows, familiar bathroom, self’s place in front of the computer, darling babies… Am going to bawl.

5. Am going for an interview for an editor job. Applied it online totally on a whim since the office is near self’s home. If the job sounds good, would love to work there. Haven’t really prepared for the interview (no office clothes, no proper handbag, no idea what an editor does exactly) as am not mentally prepared to be looking for a job (only plan to after returning from Macau and after convocation), so going to apply this lesser-known interview strategy (because it is not very effective for the most part) called Being Myself.

ps. You like sulz-speak? Am thinking it’s quite fun, heh.

pps. Interview went alright. Was nervous, but am always nervous with strangers anyway, what more interviews. Must have done something right, since am going for a second interview tomorrow. 😛

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  1. Packing is really difficult!! and that too when there is a limit!!How to decide what I wouldnt suddenly wanna wear at that place?? Keeping my clothes in limit is biggest task for me in packing. All the best for interview.

    sulz: exactly!! thanks, i think the interview went fine, but i wouldn’t know really. 🙂

  2. Good luck with your packing and clothing choices for the trip.

    No proper handbag…my mind and my twenty plus handbags cannot grasp the concept!

    Interesting interview strategy….oh to be a fly on the wall! Good luck.

    sulz: thanks, i need it! heh, the problem is that my handbags are all colourful cutesy stuff, which is not appropriate at all for office. the interview went fine, i got a good feeling, but i don’t know if i made any faux pas!

  3. Hah, I have already submitted my post! Have to show my people that being punctual is a must. 😛

    Best of luck with the interview. 🙂

    sulz: oh, i like an emperor who thinks highly on punctuality. 🙂 thanks!

  4. lovelyloey said:

    15kg is preposterous. I brought 17+kg to China last year, and came back with 22, and I’ve already thrown away a lot of stuff while over there (like crummy t shirts, and stuff).

    sulz: see?? it’s not right to impose the same kind of limitations to a one-week traveller and a one-month traveller. and should not charge so heavily for excess baggage, maybe rm15 for the first 3 excess kg, then rm10 for the subsequent or something.

    die lor, i was thinking i can get by with luggage home throwing away lots of stuff. 😕 hope i can!

  5. Talk about packing stuff and it makes my stomach churn. I feel like packing entire house when I am going out.:P Most of the time I have a feeling that I will forget this or that! And if possible I would easily pack all the footwear I own! 😆

    Oh I will surely send you the write up by tomorrow. I was waiting for some bribe or some reward in advance. :mrgreen:

    sulz: i know! when i go out i always have too much stuff in my bag. back ache sometimes. 😛

    reward? you can get your own placard if you register for the wish you were here blogging project! you can even get a postcard if you want. that’s all i can offer at the moment, heh. saving up for the trip is hard work!

  6. Just 15 kg????? 😯
    Thats too bad. Its an international flight? Then it should be more…
    Anyways, best of luck for the journey. 😀

    sulz: that’s what you get when you buy your ticket from a low-cost carrier. 😦 the ticket did cost me only rm400 (would’ve been doubled if i sat on malaysian airlines!).

    thank you! 🙂

  7. I hate packing. It’s always a rush, and I always forget something.

    Oops! Things have been a little crazy here lately, and I still haven’t written your guest post. 😦 I’ll need get a move on.

    Good luck with the interview, and the journey!

    sulz: oh, i’ve started packing exactly one week away from leaving for my flight, so it’s nice and easy so far. i might forget something, though, since i can’t pack everything i want to bring there right now, like my glasses. i hope i don’t forget them; the last time i stayed out of my house was to go to malacca i left them! 😦

    okay, i hope you can whip something up by this saturday. nothing fancy, you know. 😉 tell us about your dramatic love life. *ahem* :mrgreen:

    thanks! 🙂

  8. How can self not bring the kitchen sink???

    I keep on picturing you and an actual kitchen sink. I know it’s an expression (thanks google) but since it’s not a familiar expression to me, I just keep on picturing you carrying a huge kitchen sink, I keep on asking myself “why woudl she need that?”

    I’m an idiot.

    I’ve never been away for an entire month, it’s always been one week at the time, but I’ve learned a few things about packing.

    What I’ve done wrong:

    – Only bring one pair of flip flops and one pair of socks on my trip to Bogota (BRRRRR!) NO more shoes! IDIOT!

    – Only took one pair of pretty but unconfortable shoes for a weekend away… (OUCH!)

    – Brought no toothbrush or deodorant so I had to spend my money on them.


    Just one thing is for sure.

    The more mistakes you make NOW, the less mistakes you will make in the future.

    sulz: you’re not an idiot! you just have different world views since your mother tongue is spanish, and of course the kitchen sink bit conjures strange images in your mind! if i really could, i’d bring my whole bathroom. 😆

    oh, i’m bringing one pair of flip-flops and 3 pairs of my favourite flats. some hurt, but i’m bringing plasters too. 😛 since we’re away for a month and are only allowed a measly 15 kg (grr!) we’re planning to buy stuff there, so it’s okay. i shouldn’t have packed any toiletries, but the paranoid me is always worrying what if there’s no time to get groceries there? so i try to bring as much stuff as i can from home. saves my money too (if i don’t have to pay excess baggage, an unlikely thing to happen, sigh).

    okay, so i guess i shouldn’t beat myself up if i forgot something there, heh. just not my glasses!

  9. Uh oh, even I wasn’t exactly familiar with the kitchen sink phrase and now that I’ve read crazyasuka’s comment, I can’t stop imagining you carrying a kitchen sink either. It’s funny. You might even carry the PC. I had a dream a couple of days ago that I went to a school trip for 2 weeks and all that I carried along with me was 1 shirt and 4 ties. Ties! :/

    Why are you giving interviews now that you’re going to Macau anyway? Or are you supposed to do this job after coming from Macau?

    Anyway, good luck for the second interview, and for Macau!

    sulz: 😆 i had a weirder dream. a guy broke up with me through e-mail and send a youtube link. it showed a video of whitney houston’s all at once. the most bizarre thing is that i don’t care for whitney houston. 😕 and even stranger was that in my dream, i felt that the song described exactly how i felt! haha, but yeah, why ties anyway? like mother, like son it seems! 😀

    i applied for that job on a whim. it’s something i’m interested to do, and the office is near my house. i figured, why not? yeah, i told them about my trip, so if they’re calling me back for a second interview it means that they might be willing to wait for me (assuming if they want me for the job)!

    thanks, dear. 🙂

  10. Hey, Best of luck for ur second interview!

    sulz: thank you, i do hope it works out. 🙂

  11. Packing stinks. I always forget something I need. Still no planes for me. If cannot drive there, I do not got here! When I grow wings I might take up flying. Until then I am staying grounded!

    sulz: oh, i didn’t know you have a fear of flying. have you flown before? i’m excited to fly, actually, my first time since i was 7! good thing the us is big enough for you to travel by land if you want to, huh? 🙂

  12. I have never lost any luggage or personal belongings on a plane. So I have never seen a reason to board one. I still have not lost anything on a plane so I still see no reason to get on one. Perhaps God will decide I need to grow wings, if so then if the mood is right I might try them out. Then again no since chancing destiny.

    sulz: do you need to lose anything to board a plane? it’s just an easier way to travel, albeit more expensive and with some level of risk. 🙂

  13. Well unless I have lost something valuable on that plane, I ain’t getting on it. ;-)And since I won’t get on it in the first place I do not have to worry about losing something valuable on it. It works out well for me. I agree with John Madden, the only way to travel is on the ground.

    sulz: well, as long as you feel safe with it! 🙂

  14. 1 shirt and 4 ties? AND NOTHING ELSE? *faints* what were you going to? A strip club summer job?

    Aww, I think I won’t be able to submit my post… I’d love to, and this would be so good for me and my blog too… free promotion! But my mind is blank… zero, nothing. NOTHING. 😦

    sulz: haha, sounds like his dream job if the main clientele is female. 😛

    try your best. you can write about anything! ashish gave me a post about his favourite music or something like that. he made my blog into this crazy black metal rave or something, haha! 😆

  15. Bah, that is NOT a black metal rave. I do not listen to Black metal [although I do listen to Death Metal occasionally].

    Technically, it was Symphonic Power/Heavy Metal, Glam/Heavy Metal [or Hard/PArty Rock], Progressive Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

    And my favourite band is Black Sabbath, the makers of Heavy Metal but decided not to introduce them because I’d just have listed Black Sabbath only records. 😀

    Hope that clears up things. :mrgreen:

    sulz: i was teasing you, crazy geek! 😀 though i admit i don’t know what genre of music you wrote about in your post. 😛

  16. Crazy Asuka: I shall forever hold you responsible for bringing that image to mind of ish wearing only a shirt and 5 ties [as a skirt?]. 😐

    sulz: haha… sexy-ish! 😆

  17. O.O Believe me… I am very scarred.


    sulz: haha. 😀 okay, quick quick! there’s still time.

  18. I hope ish was at least wearing pants at the time. One pair is better than 5 ties for most jobs…
    self-speak!, self-speak! I was out of town and almost missed the self-speak! It was way fun to read that again. I was a little afraid you might revert, but I see you’ve done some more posts without. I can understand a little bit of freaking out going on around now. It’s normal, even if you are not…(haha) 😉

    sulz: the self-speak is kinda self-prophetic, isn’t it, now that am living the bridget jones life… haha. 😀

  19. […] current job came to me by chance. I wasn’t looking for a job, but I chanced upon the classified. I thought, “There’s no harm in trying for an interview. You don’t get a job that […]

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