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The Long-Awaited Pictures!

I finally plunked my great big sorry arse down my computer chair long enough to churn out this post for my blogging project. Actually, I’ve sat for periods long enough to churn this post out, but well, you can see I’m a terrible procrastinor on top of everything else I am. 🙂

Okay, let’s go. Pictures are arranged according to who asked for one first.

1. Fracas
The scenery at the Macau Tower was amazing, as these pictures evidently show. It really cannot compare to actually being there yourself. I was just amazed by the view. I thought Fracas might like it there. I can’t imagine anyone not liking it there, really!

2. Ish
Ah, this is a special spot for me. Everything I see this view from the hostel I feel happy inside, because of that famous arch. In a land where almost everything is quite foreign to me, that arch is like home to me because of its familiarity. If Ish were there with me, we’d be very happy to see that arch, I think!

3. NightWriter
These pictures were taken during my class trip to the Macau Museum. I thought NightWriter would’ve enjoyed the museum; I don’t really like museums, but this was one of my favourites! Sorry for the bad lighting; flash would make my placard invisible, so I had to take the photo without it, even though it was quite dark in there.

4. Reema
That is the famous A-Ma Temple. There are many temples, but this is the temple to visit if you’re in Macau. I thought if Reema was indeed here, she would be want to visit this tourist spot!

5. MusEditions
This is the Jardim da Cidade das Flores (don’t know what the Chinese name is) which is Portuguese for Garden of the City of Flowers. It’s actually a small park, but it’s gorgeous. All the parks in Macau are gorgeous. This was the nearest park from the university’s campus where I live, but it’s actually a good 15 to 20 minutes walk. (You walk everywhere in Macau.) Since opposite the garden is a good supermarket, I managed to stop by this place a few times. It’s a beautiful park. The only strange thing is that at the entrance, they have an automated audio of dogs barking every few seconds! Is it supposed to scare away hooligans or naughty kids or something?

6. Ellaella
This is taken at the university’s cafeteria, at my favourite table at the corner where I can see Macau Tower as I have my meals. Look at the food! That was the delectable pork’s hand (as written on the whiteboard at the cafeteria) with black bean sauce, or rather I think they meant knuckle. Then there’s bitter gourd with strips of beef and chunks of cabbage. I eat pork and cabbage every day (well, not literally, I’ve skipped the cafeteria’s food many times because of this!). 😥

7. BobbyG
Ah, this is what I see outside the window of my hostel every morning. I think Bobby is a pensive sort of guy (when he’s in the mood), he would probably think about life and death (seeing as the cemetery is just by the right side in the picture!) as the sun rises over the sea, like I did there.

8. Lovelyloey
Hah, I bet none of you readers expected this! That’s the big fountain of the hotel/casino where we met. 🙂 I know Lovelyloey would like it because she said she liked the fountain! 😛

9. CrazyAsuka
Another one of my favourite views! I get to see this whenever I wait for the bus just outside the campus. I thought Nessa would love the view. You should see it at night, even more amazing… sadly with the flash problem I couldn’t take a picture without my placard being invisible.

10. Raincoaster
This is the famous landmark of Macau, St Paul’s Ruins. Reminds me of Raincoaster because people flock here by the hundreds, like her blog!

11. KatM
This was taken at the Venetian Macao mall. The gondola ride is very popular with tourists (the boat rower sings in Italian too!). A bit too pricey for me (I rather have the real experience in the real Venice) but it’s pretty amazing how the interior replicates Venice.

12. Ashish
This signboard is just outside the Maritime Museum. I thought Ashish would like to learn about the ships and stuff, maybe as a way to conquer more places in the world in his bid for world domination? 🙂

13. Dumpedbyhallucination
I adore the mascots, expecially HuanHuan (the fire-ish one, I bought the tote bag from the souvenir stand even!). I just thought Suzy might like it too. It was kinda funny taking this photo, because apparently a security guard standing nearby was really puzzled by what I was doing. Lovelyloey said he even asked his colleague what have I written on the placard. She said since there isn’t any word about Tibet, I was fine. Haha!

14. Amit
This was taken at the 63rd – I’m not sure, Lovelyloey please confirm – floor when we visited the Macau Tower. It’s a bit scary at first; I’m not particularly afraid of heights even it took me a while to even dare to step on the plexiglass floor! I hope Amit isn’t afraid of heights. 😉

15. Alabaster Crippens
This is the tea room at the Cultural Club, a place which sells pricey souvenirs, among which is tea. It used to be a pawn shop; they preserved that part for visitors to have a look how it’s like. Tea, I’m pretty sure Alabaster likes tea, so it reminded me of him. I even had a free tea sampling, not that I know how to appreciate it. 😳

16. Perx
I’m not sure if Perx is a Lego boy, but I’m a Lego girl and this Lego model of the Macau Tower totally rocks!

I really hope you like the pictures. It took me a while to get going with the project – the first few days I was just too enamoured with Macau that I want to soak it all in without worrying about pictures. Then when I took the first few pictures and saved it in my fake iPod Nano, I think it caught the virus from my roommate’s laptop as the pictures were gone. The folder was there, but the pictures were replaced by pictures of another folder. Very bizarre, and pity I lost those pictures. At first, I took a photo for Muse at the Wine Museum, and one for Ish at the Grand Prix Museum. I also had a great photo of myself reading next to a case of books. Oh well.

But I’m really glad I did this project. I hope I’ve managed to share a slice of my Macau experience with you through this project. Shall write about the experience of meeting my first blog buddy in the next post! And oh, today is my first day at work ever, wish me luck!

Comments on: "The Long-Awaited Pictures!" (19)

  1. Wow, sulz! It’s like a guided tour of Macau! I especially love the lovelyloey placard. 🙂

    I don’t know how long it’s been since I watched the sun rise over the sea. Makes me wish I was at the seaside right now!

    It’s funny, since most of the buildings look Chinese to me, but some of them do have a Portuguese-y feel to them.

    Good luck at your new job, sulz! 🙂

    sulz: oh, there’s much more to macau than that, small as it is! if you ever visit hong kong you must drop by macau – there are two beaches there too. 😉

    of course there’s a portuguese-y feel as it was colonised by the portuguese. one of their official language is still portuguese, even though like only about 2% of the population speaks it, haha.

    thank you! i think i will need lots of that…

  2. Yay for confusing security guards! But those mascots are huge – or have I got the scale wonky? They look bigger than people to me… 😕

    Plus, I think can I take you up on your offer of a password? 😛 I’d like to see what you really look like, as opposed to inside my head!

    Suzy x

    sulz: no, you’re right, they’re bigger than most people at macau. maybe not for towering non-asian people. 🙂

    sure, give me an e-mail and i’ll send it to you. you can use the contact form at my about page if it’s easier. 🙂

  3. Hey nice pics!! Very nice, indeed! 😀
    And this theme is better… Less cluttered! 😀

    sulz: thanks! i hope you’ve recovered from your being sick. 🙂

    haha, i guess the best things in life are free? 😉

  4. Wow,thanks! Fabulous pictures. The museum looks amazing. And I’ll take my place at that table in the university cafeteria any day. That cold, sweaty glass is just as appetizing as the food.

    Welcome back! 🙂

    sulz: thank you! actually, i wished you were there because i thought you’d probably whip up something much much nicer to eat than cafeteria food. 😛

    thanks, i’m happy to be home. 🙂

  5. How cool! Thanks for my picture. I love it. I’d love to take a gondola ride.

    sulz: you’re welcome! 🙂 haha, you would? they have an indoor and outdoor gondola ride, i think the outdoor one would be nicer and more value for your money. but if you want to be seen, then the indoor gondola ride would be better. 😛

  6. haha… so sweet of you to reward your readers. XD

    sulz: not reward lah, have to be a bit unique in my blogging mar! 🙂

  7. No, I got the picture of the ancient ruin because I, too, am an ancient ruin. How sweet. Grrrrrr!

    sulz: haha, if you insist. i don’t think ancient ruins have crushes still, though. 😉

  8. Awwwwww thank u so much!!! *Hug*

    sulz: you’re most welcome! 🙂 *hugs back*

  9. lovelyloey said:

    The wonderful Greek Mythology fountain. I love it cos it’s so Vegas in the sense it’s EXCESSIVE. 😀
    Anyway. I’m proud to announce I was present for some of the other pictures, especially the Macau Tower ones!

    sulz: hah, i’m sure that’s one of the smaller scale ones. i mean, we went to the venetian… that was excessive! yeah, i love macau tower!! crazy price, but so worth it. haha, remember what i said about the skywalk / bungee jump thing? 😀

  10. Bit late stopping by (busy weekend) but I did look at all the photos, really nice. You found some wonderful places to share with your friends. My favorite was the garden (I wonder why? 😉 ) and especially the bridge. What a beautiful and tranquil scene in the middle of city life. And the placard: Awww! 🙂
    First week at a new job can be intense, but I’ll say more on that post.

    sulz: busy woman both online and offline you are! 😉 i saw the garden and thought of you immediately. if you ever visit macau, though, there are far more beautiful gardens there! i like this one, though, because it’s small and pretty.

    okay, i’m waiting for your wise counsel. 😀

  11. Hey, thanx for the pictures sulz, I love them…
    macau looks like a really interesting place…

    sulz: you’re welcome, i’m glad to hear that! 🙂 it is, i’m surprised. i guess when you have one month to explore the place you can really appreciate the sightseeing better. though if you ever had the chance to visit here, i’d recommend a 3-day-2-night visit, it’s long enough to cover the best parts. 🙂

  12. thebeadden said:

    Great photo’s, Sulz. Thanks for sharing. It’s so nice we can get to see these places here at wordpress. It looks like a beautiful place to visit.

    sulz: thank you! 🙂 it is, you should stop by here if you visit hong kong, which is another great place to visit, i’d think!

  13. What a beautiful view sulz.. thanks for including me in your project. I hope you don’t mind if I use it over at fracas.

    sulz: you’re welcome, i’m happy to hear you like it. of course you can use it there!

  14. I’m sorry Sulz, but whatever I do [and have been doing so since yesterday] I can’t see any images because of my pathetic connection. 😦

    Thanks btw. 🙂

    sulz: aww, not even the thumbnail? it’s alright, try looking at it again when you have better connection at another computer or something. 🙂 welcome!

  15. The LEGO and mascot are awesome. Nothing like something to nourish our starving artist and inner child 😀

    sulz: agree! it’ll be hard to top that in my next blogging project.

  16. Thank you so much!

    sulz: most welcome! 😀

  17. Thankee lovely. Would’ve loved to stop for tea, but alas I’ll enjoy mine alone again.

    sulz: again? aww, why?

  18. Oh, nothing particularly worrisome. Just have tea on my own in the mornings, me. Not as sociable a tea as I used to be, see. But mostly just because I drink less tea (sensitivity to caffeine you see).

    sulz: ah, okay. i like a cup of coffee in the morning by my lonesome self too. 🙂 there’s always other sorts of tea to try which has milder caffeine in it, like bubble tea!

  19. hey thanks! I love the one with the food… how’d you know I’d like that?! lol

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